Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So it's been a whole month....

So school has started, had my first test, got a B!! Yeah! Went on a couple of interviews one at the ER in Herrin and one at the OB in Carbondale. I found out about the second week of September that I got the job at the ER in Herrin!! I was very very excited! It's a full time position working 7p to 7a. Kind of worried about that just because I have been working days full time at the restaurant and this is the complete opposite! I started orientation Tuesday the 22nd and will actually start my "job" next wednesday! I will keep you all updated!

Other than that.....the infamous "wedding day" was this past saturday. I got through it thanks to WONDERFUL family and friends and now I'm moving on.

Also, I got my furniture over the weekend so I now feel like this is actually my house now! It's so nice to get to come home and sit on a couch instead of the floor. I need to clean up then take pictures so I can post them on here. Everything that I wanted to do and get for the apartment I have, once again, thanks to my wonderful friends!

What would I ever do without all these people I have that care about me I will never know! I am very lucky and am now starting to feel like I can be happy again. I am also very excited about all the good things that are starting to happen in my life. I am going to feel normal again really soon!!!

Also....I went to hang out with Deana and baby Elly tonight and she was laughing and smiling so much! It made my day!! She is the sweetest baby! And her mom is pretty fabulous as well, I am so lucky that we are still so close!

Pictures coming soon...