Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My 29th Birthday

Well it was yesterday and I wasn't home long enough to get it posted.  I had a great day!!  I got several cards in the mail and from friends.  My friend Brooke picked me up and we went to lunch then did some shopping.  We had sushi and hibachi shrimp for lunch.  I got a few deals when we were shopping.  I'm sad I didn't take any pictures.  I had my camera in my purse the whole time but never got it out.  I got lots of phone calls, texts and facebook phone was blowing up and I loved it!!  After we were done, she dropped me off at home and I went to Deana's.  She got me the 1st season of the new 90210!!  We had been wanting to watch it since it came out but just haven't found the time to sit and watch it.  We went to Kohl's to do some shopping then went to Mackie's pizza for pizza and breadsticks.  It was so good!!  My favorite pizza to eat around here!!  We went back to her house to hang out and then her husband brought us Dairy Queen ice cream!! 
I am so thankful to all my family and friends who made my birthday so wonderful!!  I can't believe I'm 29, my last year in my 20's!  It's crazy I'm already here!!  It's gonna be a great year!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Last Day of My Golden Year

So tomorrow is my 29th birthday, so today is the last day of my "Golden Year" (you know, because I turned 28 on the 28th) and I thought I would do a post about all the great things that happened during my golden year!!
I would have to say my biggest accomplishment this year was passing RN boards!!  I was pretty sure that was going to be the death of me!!  Finally I passed and was so ecstatic to finally be done and get to start my new job!!  I was then able to start my job as a labor and delivery nurse.  My dream job that I had been waiting for my whole life!!
Being the maid of honor in my little sisters wedding was such a blessing!!  She and my mom were amazing and this wedding was perfect!!  We all had a blast and I can't believe she's married now!! 
Had some really great times with friends going to the Carrie Underwood concert (my favorite ever!), getting together with all the girls at Lacy's, went to an 80's themed birthday party and had the biggest, teased out hair ever, spent a weekend in Nashville for Lindsay's bachelorette party, spent the weekend in St. Louis for Andrea's shower and then this summer started the 3 big important weddings I had...which I caught the bouquet at all 3! (Pretty sure I need to quit catching them, I'm thinking I've jinxed myself!)
Then of course there are all the times I've gotten to hang out with my friends and family.  Whether it was for a holiday or just because there was nothing else to do.  Or it was to plan something or just watch TV (my friends let me come watch their satellite because I still only have 1 channel).  Sometimes, it was to workout/walk outside because of course I'm always wanting to lose weight. 
It was a wonderful year and I'm so looking forward to my last year in my 20's (can't believe I'm already saying that...didn't I just graduate college??)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Today was the start of my wedding coordinating weekend!  When Andrea and Dustin got engaged the first thing Andrea asked me was if i would be her personal helper and of course I said yes.  I loved doing this!!  She and her mother did an amazing job on planning this wedding.  We met at Andrea's parents house for breakfast before we headed out to pick up the decorations from the rental place and then off we went to the church to drop off those decorations then went back to pick up the rest of the decorations for the reception.

 Then it was time to run home and get changed and ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  The rehearsal dinner was held at the grooms restaurant, which I waitressed at all through nursing school and happened to be the way I met the groom and then bride. 

I was up way too early but I got up and ran to Target.  Then it was time to go help Andi get ready for the big day.  I met the girls at the church after they finished at hair appointments.  My job was to get Andi dressed and then stay for pictures to make sure she stayed looking gorgeous...not a hard job!!  She was cracking me up with some of the faces she was making!  She said she could do that in my pictures, not in the professional ones!!  Her photographer loved her and plans on doing more photo shoots with her for advertisements!! 

 So when they left the church to go do outside pictures, I was able to go home and shower and get myself ready for the actual wedding.  I was so excited to "poof" my hair!!  It's getting long!!  Love these girls so much!!  Even though I'm several years older than them you would never know!!

 Their first dance as husband and wife was the same song that Brooke & Julian danced to on One Tree Hill at their wedding!  I know, I'm crazy about that dang show!!

 These pictures above are when she had Mama's Song by Carrie Underwood dedicated to her mama!  It was a surprise and they both cried through the whole thing!!  It was precious!!

 We were all dancing fools all night long!!  (And I have the blister on my foot to prove it!)  Everyone had a great time and the wedding and reception were perfect!!  They were so ready to leave by the time it was over so they could drive to the airport to head to the Dominican Republic!!

So I woke up with a splitting headache this morning way to early so I took some Motrin and went back to bed.  I finally got up about 3 hours later and the headache was gone but I was exhausted, I layed on the couch for most of the day and took a little nap.  I was finally productive and got some things done this afternoon and evening.  It was a great weekend!!! (haven't I been saying that every weekend this summer??)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving...that I got to spend the day laying out at the pool with my BFF
I'm loving...Lindsay & Ty's wedding pictures are posted and absolutely gorgeous!!
I'm loving...that I get to see Andrea & Dustin get married this weekend
I'm loving...that after tomorrow I'm off for a whole week and not because I asked, it's just that my schedule fell that way
I'm loving...that we're going to current river in a few weeks

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I'm including Thursday in my weekend wrap-up because I was off work and had a fun day!!  I headed down to Niki's and first we worked out.  We did Kettle was great!!  I like to feel sore after I work out, it makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere and this did!!  Then we went to layout and swim for a little bit while her boys were hanging out at their cousins house.  We did more laying out than swimming because the rain made the pool pretty cold!  When she left to go get the boys I went over to another friends house to lay out in his pool but it was too cold and I was there by myself so instead I just washed his dishes and went home.  (He jokes with me about doing chores for him since I lay out in his pool while he's at work!  It's the least I can do!!)  When I got home I started looking at pictures from Lindsay & Ty's wedding!!!  The professional pictures were posted and they are AMAZING!!! I didn't get to finish looking at all 750+ of them when I had to leave to go help a friend work on her programs for her wedding next Saturday.  It was fun getting to hang out with the girls and eat pizza and cookies!!

I spent the day with Niki again but this time we went shopping and out to eat.  Ok, it was grocery shopping but it was still fun.  She's my best's what we do!!  We got caught in this torrential down pore but it didn't keep us from going to Maurice's to see what kind of sales they had!!  She dropped me off at home and I was drenched!!  I did a little cooking and cleaned up a little.  Niki called and said the boy's ballgames were cancelled and that they were gonna cookout and just hang out at home if I wanted to come down.  I did and we ended up watching "Just Go With It" after dinner and it was so funny!!

I woke up to it pouring rain outside.  Of course it was, I had a cookout/swim party to go to during the day and then a birthday party outside that evening!  It started to clear up so the cookout was still on.  The pool was still too cold for me but the kids didn't have any problem getting in!

We all had a good time and hopefully we can do it again soon and all enjoy the pool!!  I left around 4 to go to Elly's 2nd Birthday party.  Deana did a fabulous job with all the decorations and food.  Check out the amazing cake she made!!

It was a little hot at first but at least it wasn't raining!  It cooled off pretty quick, there was a breeze and the sun was going down behind the trees and we got some shade.  I stayed to help clean up a little bit then headed home to get ready for work the next day.  It was such a great weekend!!  I feel like I've been saying that a lot so far this summer...and I'm pretty happy about that!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Since I already posted ahead of time what I was planning on doing on Friday I won't do it again but I will add another picture
Waiting for the movie to start after we just stuffed ourselves with sushi!  You can tell I'm a little burned from laying out by the pool all day.  It was a great day!!

Lindsay and I stayed at our parents house and woke up way to early so we decided to go to her gym for a strength/weight lifting class.  It was great but my calves have been sore ever since!!  I guess that's a good thing!  I thought Jillian was kicking my butt....that class kicked my butt more!!  It makes me want to get back in the gym and doing body pump.  I'm trying to work out at home so I can cancel my gym membership because I'm not going near enough to get my money's worth.  We came home and both took a little nap and then layed out for a few hours.  I mostly stayed in the shade except for my legs.  I'm pretty sure I got enough sun on my back, shoulders, arms and chest the day before.  After that we got ready and headed to the mall and some other places to do some shopping, although neither one of us really bought anything!  Then we ate at Chick Fil A!!  YUM!!

Today my grandparents had an open house for their 60th wedding anniversary.  They had a great turnout!
I mostly took pictures of this adorable little boy!!  He was so cute!!  It was such a great weekend and I hope the rest of my summer weekends are just as great!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Hope everybody has a FABULOUS weekend!!  I'll be spending my day here
with some of my favorite people

Then heading home to hang out with these girls 
and eat this

and go see this!! 
It's going to be a FABULOUS weekend!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dawson's Ball Game

I went to see my little buddy Dawson play baseball the other night and I was sad that I forgot my camera so I definitely remembered it the next game!  Thanks to Deana, I got some awesome shots with her bigger lens.  He played very well and it was so fun to watch.  Here is my favorite picture that I took!!
After work tonight I went to see his older brother play.  Since I came from work I didn't have my camera with me so I'll have to make sure I have it for his next game.  His game was a little more intense than his brother's!!  They played very well but lost by one run in the last inning.  Better luck next time!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


All pictures courtesy of here  I could have added tons more but I figured I would have to stop somewhere!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Kelsey

No way this girl is 15 and gonna be starting high school in the fall!!

Happy Birthday Kels!!!  Love you!!