Friday, December 30, 2011

A look back at 2011...

So I've seen lots of people doing these kinds of posts and thought I would jump on the band wagon!
We went to our friends 80's themed 30th birthday party
We hung out with friends for superbowl 
We gave my baby sister a fabulous Bridal Shower 
(one of my favorite pictures of her but couldn't post because I couldn't show her dress!) 
Love this picture of her as well!
Lindsay's bachelorette party in Nashville 
My baby sister got married!!!!
(all pictures courtesy of Rowe Portrait Studios

Then my cousin got married 
Then one of my favorite friends got married
(My summer was full of weddings!) 
We also celebrated several birthdays
A group of us went to Current River for the weekend and had a great time! 
Celebrated birthdays and went out with some fabulous friends 
We surprised our friend with a surprise 30th birthday party 
We also went to Ravishing in Red to support some local charities 
I just happened to be crowned Miss Ravishing in Red the same night 
Another friend got married 
I moved out of my tiny little apartment and into my new spacious rental house
with a garage and central heating and air!!! 
I didn't recap December because I feel like I would just be posting everything I just posted the last couple of weeks.....except for my best friend telling me the other day that they are having another
BABY!!!!  (I'm pretty sure she has told everybody she needs to and I'm pretty sure none of them read my blog!!) 
 I plan on doing a post on my New Years "Resolutions" (although I need a different word, I'm pretty sure I will be using a thesaurus soon). 
I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve celebration and be careful.  As someone at work said the other day, "NYE should be called amateur night, because people who don't normally go out do and usually drink way to much."  That's why we are hanging out with friends at their house, safe and sound!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day

It was strange driving home from work this morning, the roads were empty and everything was closed.  I came home and slept most of the day.  I got up and got ready so I could eat dinner with my best friend Niki and her family before going to work.  They have treated me like family for many years now and I am very thankful.  I didn't take any pictures with my camera because I was the photographer for Joni as they all opened up their gifts.  Right after I got there my phone rang and it was work, I took standby since there were very few patients that night.  We opened up all the gifts and the kids had so much fun playing with their new nintendo DSI's and 3DS's.  I have no clue how to play them but they all asked me to help them set them up....I did my best!!  After that, we went upstairs to eat more!  I have no idea how we had room but I just can't pass up sweets and Joni's are the best!!!  I ended up going back to Niki's house with them so I could see all the things Santa brought them.  We were all exhausted and I headed home around 11 to go to bed just in case I did get called in.  I ended up talking on the phone and watching a movie before I went to sleep but was lucky because I never got called in!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!  I did even though I had to work half of it but that means for the next 2 years I don't have to!!
Here's to a fabulous 2012!!
It's a big year for me!! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve

We got up Christmas eve morning and got ready to go out to my Grandma & Grandpa's house for the day.  I packed up my car so I could leave from there to head home.  I wanted to get home in time to take a little nap before heading to work for the night.  (I can't believe I barely took any pictures at

Braylon & Brexton, my cousins little boys 
One last sister picture of the year....excuse the shadow on my face.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve-Recap

We have celebrated Christmas Eve Eve for over 10 years now and it is always my favorite day. We always all meet at my parents house around dinner time and eat. Pizza from one of our favorite places has been on the menu the last couple of years along with our traditional punch and cookies. (You know, from the 60+ dozen we made last weekend)
The first thing my nephew said when I walked through the door was "Aunt Krystal, can I drive your mustang?"  He loves my car!! 

We were playing paparazzi and this was his face at first... 
then, he was loving it!! 
Really loving it!!! 

Nate and his beautiful Mommy 
Mike, Katie & Nate 
Then sister pictures began....Michelle & I 
Katie, Michelle, Lindsay & I 
Katie & I 
Lindsay & I 
Katie & Mike 
Ty & Lindsay 
Mimi & Pawpaw with the grandkids 

I drew Michelle's name and this was one of her gifts I got her....she was pretty excited!!
Annual family picture

Merry Christmas

Thank you, Katie, for my free Christmas cards!! 
(Katie gave out codes to 3 people for free cards from Shutterfly in October and I was one of the lucky 3)
Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas filled with lots of family and friends!!  I know I did, even though I worked part of it.  I'm very thankful I have a job to go to that I enjoy and still got to spend half of the Christmas celebrations with my family.  Recap coming soon!!  Here's to a fabulous 2012!!!

(I should have pre-written the last 5 days before Christmas like I did the first 7 days but I got behind and just had a little to much going on.)

Monday, December 19, 2011

6 Days till Christmas...Oh Christmas Tree

When I was a little girl I remember going to the place to cut down a tree.  Then in middle school and high school we just went to the boy scouts (or something like that) to buy a tree.  We eventually started putting up an artificial tree and I think it was the year we moved in to our new house.  Since graduating from college and living on my own I was always so excited to put up my own tree.  Here are the pictures (that I actually have on my computer) of my trees in years past.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I was a big lazy bum this day.  I ended up watching more of season 4 of Gossip Girl and finally decided to get off the couch at some point and do dishes.  I really need to clean my bathroom and vacuum the house but didn't get around to it.  I really have to find time to do that this week.  I got ready for work and headed in a little early for my friend.  It was a pretty good night at work, always a good thing.

I slept all day long and was very happy to see the clock when I woke up.  I ended up getting put on standby for a little bit so I baked a few cookies.  I then ran to Target to return the DVD player that I bought on black Friday and got a new one.  I got called in when I was shopping and headed right to work.  I had everything in my car already so I was prepared!  They only needed me for a few hours so I got to leave at 11 that night.  I came home and talked to Chad for a while then decided to call my sister.  I missed my Dad's side of the family's Christmas that day.  She and some of my cousins and my other sister were all still hanging out so I was giving them a hard time about how they were having a party without me!  Hopefully I'll get to go next year!
7 Days till Christmas
So since I was able to be home and asleep I got up early and headed to Evansville.  Today was what we call "Cookie Day" which is a tradition in our family.  My mom and my sisters all get together and back a ton of cookies.  This year was no different!  We made over 60 dozen cookies!!  It was an all day event (although me and my sisters ran to the mall to do a little Christmas shopping) and we finished around 8 or so. 
 Since Indiana basketball is undefeated, we are a very happy household!!  We were showing off our school spirit and decided to get a picture!!  (Although, technically, Lindsay is just wearing an red shirt with the state of IN on it.....her husband is a die hard UK fan!  Haha!!)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

8 Days till Christmas

We take an annual family Christmas picture every year at my parent's house.  I love to look back at them and see how much we have changed, especially my nieces and nephew.