Saturday, March 31, 2012

March....already over??

It's the last day of March already??  Can anybody else tell me where this month went??  I realize I've been busy but I'm just shocked this year is a quarter of the way over with already. 

It also means June is 3 months closer!  Exciting because, hopefully, I will be braces-free!!  Scary because I will be turning another year older.....EEEKKK!!  I keep telling myself it's going to be ok, that it's just a number.  I believe it one day and freak the other!

Summer time is also closer, even thought the weather has been close to summer weather for around a month now.  I love love LOVE summer!  Because of my birthday of course!  See, excited "it's going to be fine" attitude right now!

I am definitely in need of a v.a.c.a.y. and it will be here so soon!!  I counted my bathing suits tonight, you know, I need to start packing now even though I'm still a few weeks form leaving and I have 12!!  Who in the world needs 12 bathing suits!!  Especially this girl, who is no where near bathing suit ready!?!  I did GREAT this week on watching what I ate and running....until tonight....I went to my BFF and her brother and his family had a cookout.  I went with them and they grilled yummy brauts, hot dogs, hamburgers and all kinds of good sides.  And the best part of the whole night was when her Mom said "I brought ECLAIR's in the house!!!"  Seriously, the most yummy dessert I had all week....probably because it's the only dessert I had all week!! 

I'll be back on track tomorrow when I go back to work....and get to the grocery to stock back up on some healthy stuff!!  I am loving the EAS advantage shakes and chobani pineapple greek yogurt!

Well, I hope everybody had a great last day of March!!  I'll be back tomorrow with my weekend wrap-up! 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Confessional Friday

I confess....
I bought a pair of boys shoes from Target to wear to work.
I always buy new shampoo and conditioner way before my other is gone.
My scentsy warmer is on all the time, I can't even smell it anymore.
I have laundry in the dryer that needs to be folded now, I definitely don't want to have to iron it all!
I think I need to see the Hunger now!!
Friends is on every night at 9 and when I'm home to watch it.
There is only 1 episode of One Tree Hill left and I'm not prepared for it yet.
When I see pictures of myself with my braces on I can't stand them, it will be so nice when they are off!!
I'm ready for a new Coach!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up (on a Thursday)

So I am super late on posting this but when I work all weekend between both jobs there just isn't any time!!
I only got a few hours of sleep the night before but I had to get up early and get going so I could be at the hospital at 5AM!!  I'm a Service Excellence Advisor at work and we put on presentations for employees a the hospital to promote patient care.  It's a how-to of sorts and everybody dreads coming to these presentations.  We knew that going in to this presentation and wanted to do everything we could to make it fun and entertaining.  I'm pretty sure we succeeded!!!

We did the theme "Bridesmaids" based on the movie.  We did a cheesy wedding reception setup.  We got lots of compliments and good reviews.  We're hoping to be voted the best by the end of the quarter.  We started our first presentation at 7am and our 6th presentation was at 4pm.  We were exhausted by the end!  After we got everything all cleaned and packed away I left and headed to Niki's house to watch the IU/Kentucky game.  I'm an IU fan and Niki's youngest son Dawson decided he wants to be a Kentucky fan because his best friend is.  He had a little surprise for me when I got there!
His best friends Mom brought him this shirt to wear!
HA!!  Love that little boy!!
I slept most of the day because of getting up so early yesterday after not getting much sleep.  I went to the gym and then came home to get ready for work.  Worked.

Once again, I slept all day and then got up and got ready for work.  Worked.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's Ok

Its Ok Thursdays
Today I'm linking up with Neely & Amber
It's ok....

It's ok...that I haven't hand washed my car and we've had all this nice weather.
It's ok...I bought 4 new insulated cups today because all my other ones are Christmas and winter themed.
It's ok...I still have laundry in the dryer.
It's ok...that I have more motivation to go to the gym when I have new workout clothes.
It's ok...that I cried when I watched last nights episode of One Tree Hill and I'm pretty sure I will cry at the final 3 episodes as well!! 
It's ok...I bought stamps yesterday and they have banzai trees on them.
It's ok...that my teeth hurt again.....totally going to be worth it though!!
It's ok...that I feel like it's been way longer than 6 weeks since I got my hair done and I still have to wait 2 more weeks.
It's ok...that I'm wanting my short hair back but I'm going to wait till after the summer and Danielle's wedding in October then maybe I'll chop it off!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh how Pinteresting....


Sooo District 1 of you!



Hunger Games!

Thursday, midnight. I loved this book. hunger games

Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth on the "Unpredictable" Jennifer Lawrence and Their Hunger Games Prep -

What Your Daughter (and You) Can Learn from "The Hunger Games"

The Hunger Games men.  Very hunky.
I could keep pinning and pinning and pinning!!!!
Ok, so it's a little bit heavy with Hunger Games funny but I loved the book and am so excited to see the movie!!!!  I'm hoping to finish the 2nd book tonight, then on to the 3rd!! 
Are you all reading these???

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I got up and worked at the restaurant for a few hours, went to get my nails done and did a little shopping.  I came home and started watching Army Wives, before I knew it, it was dark outside and I watched several episodes.  I got up and got ready to meet some friends at a local bar for the second round of a karaoke contest my friend Abby was in.  Of course, she was awesome and made it to the finals!!!  The 3 of us must have sat at a table with a sign above it that said "Please come introduce yourself to us....we would love for you random guys to come talk to us!"  HA!!!  We gave fake names of Mary, Rebecca and Penny!!  We referred to ourselves as that the rest of the night!!!  We ended up leaving and going to one more place but didn't stay long, the crowd at that place was not for us.  I had to get home and to bed so I could be at work at 7 in the morning!

I worked all day at the restaurant. It was an ok day. My plan was to go home and take a nap then get together with some friends that night.Well, plans were starting earlier than I thought so I just hurried home to shower and get ready. I met Niki at her house and we left from there. We met other girls and did a little shopping while their husbands were out playing golf. We were going to meet up with them later. I ended up not finding anything I actually wanted. I was a little disappointed. We eventually stopped shopping so we could go get a table at Buffalo Wild Wings for all 12 of us. The guys met us there and we watched some of the ball games on tv and ate dinner.
Niki & I  
Alice, Kristen & Rachel 
Group picture!
We decided to go hang out at a bar in town for a little bit.  This place was packed!!  I guess being a Saturday and St. Patricks Day a lot more people than normal were out!!  We had a good time!  I got hit on my someone who was about half a foot shorter than me....and I was definitely not interested.  I couldn't get him to stop talking to me.  Thank goodness his friends were ready to leave and he finally went with him (after they came to get him 2 different times!)  His opening "line" to me was "I wrote a song titled with your name".  He then proceeded to ask me if I had a "smart phone" and told me to look it up on the internet.  I should have lied and said I didn't have a phone, or facebook or email!!  HA!!!  Like I said, he eventually left.  The bar was clearing out and we were all ready to head home.

I stayed at Niki's and the dog slept with me all night.  We got up around 10 and got ready to head in to town.  She needed to get some groceries and some other things so we went shopping.....again!!  We shopped for a little bit then went and got some lunch.  We finished up the little bit of shopping she had left then went to pick up her boys from their aunts house.  We went back to their house and hung out for a little bit then I went home to get ready for work.  This weekend was so fun and I'm so glad I got to hang out with so many of my friends!!

Friday, March 16, 2012


I've got plans tonight then working tomorrow for a little bit and hopefully do something fun tomorrow night as well!!!  Maybe I'll actually have pictures for my weekend wrap-up this time!!
Have a good weekend!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's Ok....

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok that it's raining cats & dogs house has a garage!!

It's ok I painted my own toenails a french manicure....and get complimented on them!!

It's ok that I woke up at 4am this morning to go body is used to being up at that time when I'm working I guess!!

It's ok that I never bought myself a keurig....I don't drink much coffee in the spring and summer.

It's ok when I look in my closet and realize I never wore a cute pair of shoes I got on clearance at Target....they're fall/winter shoes.

It's ok some girl I know is now following me on twitter but I really wish she wasn't.

It's ok I went ahead and bought some peeps at walmart the other day so I can have them on Easter Sunday when I'm working.  (I gave up candy for lent this year)

It's ok to be so excited about being off work this weekend!!

It's ok I plan on wearing a green shirt to work on Saturday, even though it's not a "work" shirt. 

And last but not least, it's SUPER ok that I keep getting new followers!!  I'm thinking maybe a giveaway at 50....what do you think!?!?!?!

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Green Monster

Ok, so I tweaked my last recipe a little bit and am much happier with it!!
I posted over the weekend how I had tried one but it was too frothy for me and I wanted to make it a little more dense.  SUCCESS today!!

2 cups of spinach
1/2 cup fruit (I had a frozen mix of peach, mango, strawberries and pineapple, thawed)
vanilla low fat yogurt (the little cup, single serving)
1/2 cup almond milk (I used unsweetened vanilla)
6 ice cubes

 This made about 3 cups and when I put it in SparkPeople recipe calculator it came up with 211 calories!!I told me everything else too!!  I was very happy with the consistency of this and it is sweet enough for me.  Some recipes call for a sweetener of some sort but I did without it this time and it tastes great to me!! 

Let me know if you all try it!!!

Get outside and enjoy this great (windy) beautiful weather!!!  I'm headed to work!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I woke up enough time to get out of bed, shower and get to an appointment on time!!  I came home and did a few things around the house but didn't have any plans for the night.  I ended up just making me some dinner and hung out at home.

I wanted to sleep in because I was scheduled to work that night. I ended up getting up around noon and finally made myself a "Green Monster" smoothie.  I followed this recipe pretty closely.  I thought it had a good taste but the texture is what I didn't really like.  It was frothy....I want it to be more dense, I'm assuming yogurt instead of milk would probably do that for me and that's what I'm gonna try next. 
So after I drank most of that I took my self to the gym!  I did 3 miles, although I only ran a little under 2.  I'll get there eventually.  After that, I ran by walmart to get a few things before I worked my 4 day stretch.  Of course, the place was packed and I ran into way too many people....looking fabulous might I add since I just left the gym!!  And, why on earth would the heat have been on at the gym yesterday, I was burning up before I even started running!!  As I left, the girl that was working and checking in people had a jacket on...I'm sure she was in charge of the heat that day!!  
I came home and was waiting to find out if I got standby or not.  I wanted to go eat with some friends so I took standby.  We got to eat and I got called in right after.  I went in for 1 baby and then got to leave in about 3 hours.  I was glad because I was so tired.  I came home and read a little bit of Catching Fire but ended up falling asleep. 

Oh time change, it messes you up no matter what!  I know driving to work tonight when it's still light outside is going to be hard.  All I have to do is work these 3 nights and then I'm off for the rest of the week to enjoy this beautiful weather we're going to have!  Well, there is quite a bit of a chance for rain but it's supposed to be in the 70's everyday!!!  I am so ready for warm weather, open windows and no furnace!!
Hope everybody had a great weekend!!

**Hello to all my new followers!!!  So excited you're here!!**

Saturday, March 10, 2012


As I sit home, by myself on a Friday night I find myself on youtube...and this is what I've found...
Oh Luke Bryan
Vertical Horizon

Love this Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston song!!  I'll leave it on this song....there can be miracles when you believe!!  Hope everybody has a great weekend!!
And to add....
my most favorite video of the night!!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Confessional Friday

I love the one with the gold!

I wore my gold sparkly flats today to my doctors appointment, I wear them as often as I can, I L-O-V-E them!!!

I ate 3, yes 3, 100 cal pack cookies for lunch today!

All I can think about doing tonight is going out to eat and maybe to see a myself??

I'm watching the 5th season of Army Wives and hopefully can get season 6 on Hulu when I'm done.

I'm itching to buy a new bathing suit...but I've only lost 5 fail :(
(eating the 3 packs of cookies is helping, right??)

I have dishes in my sink, this would not make my mom proud

I'm so looking forward to my vacation to not only relax, get some sun and hang out with my family but buy a new Coach purse!!

I'm wanting to get outside and be in this amazing sun but it's still a little windy.

I'm loving the Ellen show, as always.

I'm still wanting grey couches but haven't found anymore yet.

What are you confessing today??

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Ok...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok...
that my date tonight only last a little over an hour (dating fail....???)
to go to Target several days in a week and finding something every time!
to eat cereal for dinner
that I'm looking forward to hand washing my car
to be torn between wanting to read my book (Catching Fire) and wanting to read the magazines about the movie!
I'm still wearing fleece pants with Christmas trees on them
that even though I bought the stuff to make my green monster smoothie I haven't actually made one yet
that I still haven't seen the new Footloose yet
I haven't had much to blog about lately (thank goodness for link ups!)
that I'm always saying I'm so looking forward to the weekend, every weekend!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting...

Positive quote(:





Just a few words of encouragement....thanks Pinterest

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I spent the day hanging out with my friend Brooke.  She text me that morning asking if I wanted to meet her for lunch and of course I did!  She was finishing up some shopping so I met her there and we decided to go to O'Charley's to eat.  We were having some threats of bad weather again but so far nothing, well, as soon as we stepped out of our cars the storm sirens started going off.  We decided we would be safer just to go back to her house and eat.  We got there and it rained and was windy but that was all.  We enjoyed lunch (soup & salad) and then decided that since it was sunny and no more threat of bad weather, we would go shopping!!!  Maurices had some good sales and I got a pair of jeans and 2 shirts!  We then went to the mall and did a little more damage!!  Eventually we went our separate ways, she had to go pick up her daughter and I wanted to lay down for a little bit just in case I had to go into work that night.  I was on call at the hospital but when I called to see if they thought I was going to be needed it didn't sound like it.  I ended up going to my BFF Niki's house to hang out and eat dinner with them.  I brought some movies and we ate.  Just as were started watching some movie on TV somebody started banging on their front door.  It sounded like a bunch of kids but when Michael went to answer the door it was their next door neighbor crying hysterically and screaming that her house was on fire!  We called 911 again because we couldn't get a straight answer out of her whether she did or not.  It was awful, I don't think I've ever seen anything so scary.  The house was a total loss.  We eventually went back in and were all exhausted!  I went ahead and went home to go to bed.

I got up and cleaned my house!  After I did that, I sat down on the couch and started reading my book (Hunger Games) and didn't get off of my butt till it was finished!!  It only took my about 6 hours to finish it, I couldn't put it down!!  Abby & Jessica, who I work with, wanted to go out for a bit.  We got ready and met up at Abby's and then headed out!  We had a really good time, with a little bit of drama but a good time all in all!!  I didn't take any pictures, videos but no pictures :(

I slept off and on all day because I knew I had to work that night.  I wanted to start reading the 2nd book (Catching Fire) but I hadn't gotten it from Jessica yet.  I got up, got ready and headed to work where I proceeded to run non-stop the whole time there!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Road crazies

Today on the way home from work....
after a very long night at work and I was so sleepy.  Most people know when I get sleepy (and/or hungry) I get rather grouchy!
I was driving along, minding my own business, when this red car started weaving in and out of traffic!  It was about 7:30 in the morning so there was a decent amount of traffic and evidently we were all driving a little to slow for this crazy lady.  The next thing I know I'm slamming on my brakes and honking my horn (like I'm the crazy one) to keep this lady from hitting me!!  Of course, she didn't even blink an eye but just sped off.  I wanted to speed up to catch up with her but I knew that was stupid.  I was just hoping I would pass her on the side of the road with a cop right behind her but unfortunately I did not.

Hope she made it to her destination on time!!

I'm off to finish Gossip Girl and read some more of The Hunger Games.


It opens March 23rd!!
OH!!!  Did any of you all watch the One Tree Hill from yesterday??  WOWZA!!!  If you all still aren't watching this are SERIOUSLY missing out!!  And, I have all 8 seasons so I would be glad to watch them with you!