Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I stayed home all day (surprising, I know) and then went to pick Tucker up from school and take him home.  Brooke and I had plans to go to Paducah to shop so I got him and she picked Kelley Jo up and we met back at their house to get ready.  I got to give Kelley Jo her bath and get her dressed and ready to go.  She's like my little baby doll sometimes!! 
We finally got on the road and talked the whole way there of course!  We knew where our first stop would be...
Chick-fil-A!!  An actual restaurant was just built recently and we were so excited to go!!  They've had one in the mall for a long time and of course it's still there.  This was the kid's first time to eat there and they both loved it!  After that we went to Old Navy.  They had a few good deals and then when we went to check out you got an extra 20% off if you let out a big I did but had to do it a 2nd time because the 2 guys that were working the register said the 1st one wasn't good enough!  Anything to same a little bit of money!  We then went to the mall and the only thing I bought there was dippin' dots and a bottle of water!  We were a pretty tired bunch once we got back in the car.  Tucker was all cuddled up with his blanket and watching a movie and Kelley Jo was out in no time!

I stayed home pretty much all day today as well until I went to my catering job.  This wedding was beautiful and very "fall"ish (good word huh?)

I got home pretty early so I did some more NCLEX questions.  Pretty exciting Saturday night huh?  All well, it will be worth it after Wednesday. 

I went to church this morning and found out about a brunch that they are holding next Saturday for the women.  Deana said she heard about it last Sunday, so we are going to go.  I'm hoping to get to meet some more people.  The rest of the day I spent cleaning up, doing dishes, making potato soup for the week, ironing and doing 100's on NCLEX questions.  I'm looking forward to good news this week.  I would appreciate prayers for when I take boards Wednesday.  I evidently have major test anxiety and I don't want it to get the best of me when I go to take the test again so if you could fit me into your prayers I would appreciate it!!  Hope everybody has a great week!!

Day 21

Day 21 ~ Picture of Yourself

I went through my photo gallery and picked these out.  I rarely take pictures when it's just me by myself so some of these are ones that I have cut myself out of for facebook profile pictures and such. 

Kelley Jo playing with my camera

Trying on bridesmaid dresses for Lindsay's wedding

Mother's day weekend 09

At Blue Sky Winery for Niki's birthday last year

Gerry's surprise 50th birthday party

Gulf Shores, AL ~ Family Vacation 2010

Mom's surprise 50th birthday party

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 19 & 20

Day 19 ~ Something you miss

I miss my family...
I miss not having someone to come home to...
I miss college life...staying up late watching movies or talking, doing each others makeup, getting ready together to go out, shopping in each others closets, Sunday night dinner, sorority stuff, fraternity parties and on and on
I miss not having to study...
I miss going out...
I miss cheerleading...
I miss band contests in high school...

Day 20 ~ Nicknames

When my niece couldn't say my name I came up with KoKo but it didn't last long and then when I met my best friend Niki and her youngest son couldn't say my name he called me KoKo also.  It lasted for several years and I am still called that by a few people in their family.  At KB's some of the guys in the back shortened my name to Krys.....because they knew I didn't like it and of course it stuck and there are still a few people there who call me that.   

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 18

Day 18 ~ Regrets

As I've read a lot of other posts on this subject I would have to agree that I don't really have any regrets.  I think everything happens for a reason and who wants to live with regret!!  I wouldn't be where I am today if I wouldn't have made some of those "mistakes"!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 17

Day 17 ~ Something you are looking forward to

I'm looking forward to passing boards, starting a new job, finding a new place to live, paying off debt, getting a new camera, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Lindsay's wedding festivities to come, getting married, having babies, building a house, so on and so forth!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 15 & 16

Day 15 ~ Bible Verse

God is able to do abundantly, exceedingly more than all you can ask or imagine"
-Ephesians 3:20

Day 16 ~ Dream House

Oh I can't wait to build my dream house!!  It would consist of the following...
  • Brick
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 3.5 bath
  • Walk out basement
  • Large laundry/mud room
  • Open kitchen to living room
  • Formal dining room
  • His & Her closets in the master
  • Double sinks in the master bath
  • Carpet, tile & wood flooring
  • Crown molding
  • Big windows
  • Linen closets
  • Foyer with a coat closet
  • I'm sure there's more but that's all I can think of right now

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I didn't have many plans for today but it ended up being a full day!!  I met Brooke & the kids for breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  So good!  I headed over the Walmart and shopped around waiting for Niki to get there.  I was in the shoes and saw Brooke & the kids there!  (Have ya'll looked at the shoes there??  I bought 2 of the cutest pair of flats for $12 & $14!  What a deal huh??)  I shopped around with them for a while.  Niki & Dawson got there so I shopped with her and good thing I did because she filled my cart up too!!  After that I headed home and went to wash dishes and realized I didn't have any hot water.  I took a shower in the morning and had hot water so I was a little surprised.  I figured it was just the pilot light.  Brooke & I had made plans to go see a movie that night.  She came & got me around 5:30 and we headed to Applebee's.  Neither one of us was very hungry so we decided to split the appetizer sampler and have a drink!!
Their perfect margarita is my favorite!!
We then went to see this movie

And we loved it!!!  We laughed and laughed and cried and cried!!  Yes, it was a chick flick and rather predictable but we didn't care!!  I'll probably buy it!!  Brooke dropped me off at home and I went to meet some friends that were out.  I stayed out way to late considering I had to be at work at 5am on Saturday.

I got up knowing I didn't have hot water so I ran water through my coffee pot and washed my hair and face in the sink.  Not fun!!  I called my landlord at 4:20 and left a message.  I worked at the restaurant from 5 till about 1:30.  We weren't very busy but I made a decent amount of money anyway.  Some of the girls at work were talking about these hair extentions that they wore and I decided that I needed some.  I went to Sally Beauty Supply to buy them but ended up not getting them b/c I would have to take them to my hair dresser to have her highlight &/or dye them to match my hair and cut them.  I go back in the middle of December so I might get them before that appointment.  I then went to Walmart and bought those cute shoes I saw yesterday.  I then headed to Deana's so I could take a shower and get ready to go cater a wedding.  The wedding was so beautiful and of course the food & cake were wonderful!!

I cater for my best friends mom.  She is called "The Cake Lady" and she also does catering so she "hires" us to help her with weddings and such.  I love doing it!  It's always so much fun and we always get to eat the fabulous food and cake.  This time the bride and groom just happened to be friends of ours so after we were done catering we changed our clothes and hung out and did a little bit of dancing!  Congrats Kristin & Justin!!

Still no hot water so I called & left another message.  Yesterday before work I had pulled everything out of the storage closet that the water heater is in so I went through all of it and found a lot of trash and was able to get rid of 3 boxes.  I still have a few more to go through so hopefully I can do that tomorrow.  I've felt like crap pretty much all day because of this darn cold I've got.  I'm gonna sleep with vicks on my feet tonight and see if that helps (Thanks Deana!!)  I went over to her house again today so I could take a shower and got to hang out there and watch satellite then eat dinner with them.  She made white chili!  It was so good and I finally wrote down her recipe for it.   They carved pumpkins earlier in the afternoon so she took them outside and got some cute pictures of Elly in front of them.  Mine, not so great...and I'm so ready to get a new camera!!

Even though my pictures aren't very good, she is still the cutest!!

Day 12, 13 & 14

Day 12 ~ What You Believe

I believe...
  • everything happens for a reason
  • in God
  • that I deserve to be happy
  • I have the best family and friends ever
  • I was meant to be a nurse
  • that being able to watch TV online is one of the greatest inventions!
As I was writing this there were several songs that came into my head because I kept saying "I believe" and then writing it out and I wanted to write I believe I can fly...haha, and I believe that children are our future...haha!!

Day 13 ~ Goals

Oh geez.....
  • to pass boards
  • to get married
  • to be a mom
  • to build a house
  • pay off debt
All the normal stuff, huh?!?  I'm sure I have other goals that I could list but these seem more important!

Day 14 ~ A Picture You Love

Ok, I'm a little vain and not ashamed to say it so my favorite pictures are usually ones that I think I look good in, so with that said....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I win!!

I won my first blog award!
I received the “Sweetest Award” from Elizabeth and I am sooo excited!!

There are three simple rules with this award. They are:

1.  Post who gave you this award

2.  State ten things you like

3.  Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.

Thanks Elizabeth for my first award!!

10 Things I'm Loving:
  • That it's finally starting to look like fall
  • Having the next 4 days off
  • Learning how to make hair bows
  • Drinking coffee on my way to work again
  • Getting to wear hoodies and sweaters
  • New fall boots (although I'll just be window shopping)
  • Electric bills that aren't sky high
  • All the soups I've been eating
  • Excited that I'm gonna get to hang out with some of my favorites on December 4th
  • Getting back in the gym after way to much time off
I know you're supposed to tag other bloggers but since I have 10 followers, I give this award to them!!

Day 11

Day 11 ~ Favorite TV shows

One Tree Hill
Grey's Anatomy
Brothers & Sisters
Teen Mom
Dancing with the Stars

I guess I don't really watch that much TV anymore because I really only have 1 channel and no DVR anymore...still love it though!!  And I do have blockbuster in the mail so I watch a lot of TV shows on DVD and one day I will get satellite again!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 9 & 10

Day 9 ~ A picture of your friends

Some of my best friends from college during our annual summer get together

My best friend Niki at Tim McGraw this summer

Janelle, Me & Lori out for my birthday this year~Love these girls

Niki & I again, love this picture!

Brooke & I, very thankful for our friendship!

Lacy & I~Miss her so much, gotta get to paducah more often!

My young friends who make me feel not so old!  HA!

Me, Deana & Elly & Brooke~Love these girls!

 I could have posted a 100 pictures in this post!  I'm so lucky to have the friends that I have and they all mean the world to me.  I've been through a lot this last year and a half and these girls helped me get through it!!  Love you all!!

Day 10 ~ Something you are afraid of

I'm afraid of not passing boards in a couple of weeks!  (I know, I know, I have to think positive!!)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 8

Day 8 - A place you've traveled to

The beach~Gulf Shores, AL!  I've been to several beaches but the 2 times I have been to Gulf Shores has been with the best company!  We took our first "all family" vacation this past April and had so much fun.  One of these days I hope to be able to go out of the country somewhere!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up


It was Marion High School Homecoming this weekend so I got up and got ready and headed to the restaurant to meet Laryssa & Tenley to eat and go to the parade.

Tenley & I before the parade

Megan, the most beautiful Junior attendant!

Miss Tenley Brooke
After the parade I ran to Maurice's hoping to find some jeans on the clearance rack but no such luck.  I had some other errands to run so I did that then finally got home and did some laundry.  Later on, I met Laryssa at the restaurant again so we could go to the football game.  IT WAS FREEZING!!  It was a pretty good game and they won so now they're 8-0!!  Andrea's {see picture below :)} dad is the coach and he got an award for most winningest coach and the team also got a trophy for winning the conference!! 

Andrea & I after the game


Deana & I headed over to Lindsay's house to help her make pumpkin cake balls for her sons 1st Birthday.  They turned out so so so cute!!!

After that we headed to the SIU ball game.  Sadly, no pictures of the game because I left my camera at Lindsay's house and then I didn't take any pictures at the birthday party either.  It was a fun day!! 


It was church and then an engagement party on the agenda today, along with the gym, making chili, putting away laundry, studying and picking up.  One of the cutest couples I know got engaged a couple of weeks ago and today was there engagement party. 

Andrea & Dustin

Laryssa, Andi, Me & Lacee

The bride, bridesmaids and flower girl

She's got the pose down pat!!

Michelle, Dustin, Andi & Kevin

Kevin & Michelle are Dustin's parents.  They own the restaurant that I worked for all through nursing school and a little before and I still fill in now when needed.  It was a beautiful day and surprisingly very hot for October!  After the party, I headed home to change clothes and went to the gym.  I'm going to try really hard to get the gym back into my routine again.  Then studying, that is my #1 priority right now!!!  Keep praying people, I'm gonna do it this time!!

Day 6 & 7

Day 6 - A Picture of something that makes you happy

Mom's birthday last year.  We all had so much fun taking pictures after we went to eat dinner.  We'll have to do this again this year!

Day 7 - Favorite Movies

I watch a lot of movies lately.  Here's a short list of my favorites!
The Notebook
In Her Shoes
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Sweet Home Alabama
Twilight~New Moom~Eclipse
The Blindside
Where the Heart Is
The Family Stone
The Guardian

Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 4 & 5

Day 4 - Your Parents

On the 30 Day Blog Challenge Day 4 is "Your Parents"  and these pictures were taken this April on family vacation in Gulf Shores, AL.  I love these pictures and had such a blast at the beach!!  My Mom and Stepdad are wonderful and I wouldn't be the person I am today without them.  My mom is great and I can always count on her to be there for me (or any of my sisters) anytime I need her.  I could go on and on with stories about my mom!!  Gerry is wonderful (although it took me a while to realize this) and I'm so glad Mom found him.  He has taught me a lot even though I fought him tooth and nail about pretty much everything!

This picture is so old!  I have newer ones of Dad but this is the last one of us with him.  I'll have to make sure we take one this Christmas!  I don't get to hang out with Dad as often as I would like but we always get together when we can.  He likes to have us come over to his house and just hang out and talk or watch movies.  I remember a couple of years ago watching Ice Age with him....I guess because it was on TV and there was nothing else for us to watch!  I will always remember that!

Day 5 - Your Siblings

Lindsay, Katie, Me & Michelle
This picture was taken on family vacation also.  I love this picture, although it was a little windy!  Lindsay is my youngest sister who is getting married in May!  We are only 2 years apart and I'm pretty sure we had one of those love-hate relationship the whole time we were growing up.  We would play together and then fight then go back to playing together all within a day.  She is one of my best friends now and has been since college.  Katie is the oldest.  She's Gerry's daughter and we met her I guess around 15 years ago.  She is wonderful and is the whole reason I joined sorority.  I don't get to hang out with her near as much as I would like.  One of these days maybe that will change!  Michelle is my older sister.  We're a lot closer now than what we were growing up because she is 5 years older than me so I was just annoying to her growing up!  We talk all the time.  She's a great mom and a very strong woman even though she may not realize it.  She's got 2 of the most precious girls ever!!  Yes, I am a little biased!  I have FABULOUS sisters!!  I'm very lucky!!