Monday, January 31, 2011


So I just went through the major headache of filing my taxes....blah.
I first went to use the same website as last year and they wanted to charge me $49.95!!  I was like no way!!  So then I tried another one and they also wanted to charge me and I didn't know this either time until I've already put in 75% of my info!!  It was definitely a waste of time!!  I finally went to the 3rd website and I got to file my federal for free and only had to pay $14.95 for my state.  I still wasn't very happy because my refund was a lot smaller than I was hoping...all well, I can still buy my camera!!!  YAY!!!  So excited about that!! anybody else watching the bachelor??  Did ya'll notice how all the girls had so much blush on??  And Michelle can go home any time now!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Worked and I got 2 really cute scrub jackets and I've been trying to find pictures of them online but am not having any luck!  All well!!

YAY!!!!  Today is the day of the 80's party!  I slept in and got ready because I just wasn't completely satisfied with my shirt and wanted to keep looking and I found a great one with a matching jacket and shoes(and massive shoulder pads of course)!!!  We had a blast before the party even started just getting ready!!  I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story!

We all had so much fun!!  As you can see my yellow heels match but my toes are bruised from those darn shoes!  Niki's aunt did our hair and makeup for us and I'm pretty sure we had the best hair out of all the girls!!  Some of the guys had us beat but that's because they had wigs! 

I stayed at Niki's just because after we got back from the party we started talking about haunted houses and a scary doll at a cemetery...I was then scared and decided I would just stay there instead of at my apartment by myself!  HA!!  After we got going later today we went to Niki's mom's house for her birthday dinner and cake!  YUM!!  It was snowing and I took these pictures through the can't see the snow falling though.  Well, it was a fabulous weekend and it's off to work tomorrow!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm linking up with Jamie this week for What I Love Wednesday. 

i'm loving...that I got to meet my BFF Niki for lunch today at O'Charley's.   Soup & salad....YUM!

i'm loving...that I got lots of things accomplished today like organizing the pictures and stuff on my fridge door, cleaned my bathroom, put away dishes and ironed my scrubs for work.

i'm loving...that I got the spring/summer 31 catalog today.

i'm loving...that I've pretty much finalized my sisters bridal shower invitation and will have it ordered by Saturday.

i'm loving...that I have this weekend off and get to celebrate my friend's 30th birthday at her 80's themed party....plenty of pictures to come:)

i'm job still

i'm loving...that Verizon is getting the iphone in February!!  So excited!!

i'm loving...Season 6 of One Tree Hill.....well, actually all the seasons!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Look what I found!

I found these already out at Target!!  I love these and last year I couldn't find them or at least the ones that I bought tasted horrible and were hard as rocks!!  I like these because they're soft and taste just as I remember them.  These are totally not on my "I'm the maid of honor for Lindsay's wedding in May and have to tone up and eat better" diet!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I spent all day on the couch because of this nasty stomach flu bug that has been going around.  It was awful and I hope I never get it again.....awful!  I managed to watch the entire 5th season of One Tree Hill and then watched Julie & Julia then went to bed. 

This was the my first weekend to work at my new job.  I don't think I have worked a weekend since April....I've been a little spoiled!  I knew it was going to a rough day because of being sick, not because I felt bad but because I had absolutely no energy and I was worried about what I could eat.  I stuck with applesauce and saltines and did fine.  I ended up feeling a lot better towards the end of the day because of course 5 o'clock hit and we got busy!  I got to do the coolest thing yet though, I delivered a baby!!  Yes, it was my 2nd day and it would only be my 3rd delivery I was even in on!!  Of course, the doctor was right there with his hands right on top of mine but it was amazing!!!  As I'm on my way home it hits me how awesome it was!!  I had to call my mom and friends to tell them of course!!  Then I stopped by Deana's because she made chicken and dumplings and gave me some and also gave me this....
I have been looking for this since before Christmas!!  Walmart had it for $15 but has been sold out forever!!  I was so excited!!  Love her!!!  Thanks Deana, you didn't have to do that but I think I'll wait to volunteer my babysitting services till we know for sure the plague is gone!!  HAHA!!

I pretty much felt back to my normal self this morning and I was so glad about that.  It was a very calm day at work.  I got to do 2 babies and feel like I'm finally starting to get the hang of some of those things.  On my way home tonight I was talking to my friend and it just kind of hit me how much I love my new job and how I really believe this is what I was made to do!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So What Wednesday

This Wednesday I'm saying so what if...
I'm addicted to One Tree's not reality TV at least
I watch The Bachelor still, even if it annoyed the crap out of me this past Monday
my skin is the palest it's been in years, I can't even remember being this white!
I have 7 new movies still in the wrappers and the only reason I haven't watched them is because I'm too busy watching One Tree Hill
my laundry doesn't get completely dry in one cycle and I have to lay out everything everywhere possible in my apartment so it can air dry....I'll have my own washer & dryer eventually
I look like an eskimo walking into's freezing cold at 6:30 in the morning
my right hand is always way colder than the left....I'm too busy playing freecell on the computer

crazy cat lady backin up during robbery.

I don't know how many times I've seen this but I love it!!! It makes me laugh so hard, the beginning is funny but wait till they put it to song!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Tuesday
I'm linking up with Undomestic Momma today for Top 2 Tuesday.  I would put her button on here but I can't, for the life of me, figure out how!  Maybe somebody will comment and tell me how to do it :-)

Top 2 Strange Addictions
1.  Blistex!  I don't really think that is strange though because I know many, many people who can't be without their chapstick.  I have one on my coffee table, one in my purse, one by my bed and usually one in my lunch tote for work and one in my makeup bag.  I used to keep one in my car but it always melted in the summer.

2.  I'm addicted to the seasons of One Tree Hill.  No surprise there, I think I've mentioned something about One Tree Hill in the past several posts.  I can't help it, I love that show!!  It also gives me something I like to watch when there isn't anything else on my 1 channel I get right now.  Let's hope tax money will buy me a new TV where I can at least get the rest of the basic channels!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow what!

So what if we get snow, it's not like I get the day off or anything.  Nurses definitely don't get snow days...well maybe I would if I worked in an office instead of a hospital.  Although having the day off is nice....I like my job better!!  I'm not complaining about it, I'm just saying SNOW what!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I wasn't sure if I was going to do these again this year but I thought, what the heck I like them and it's my blog so I can do what I want!!

I slept in and I was so happy about that.  Once I did get up I cleaned my bathroom and threw lots of unused "stuff" away.  I'm definitely a hoarder when it comes to styling products, makeup and such!!!  I then "fast-cleaned" the rest of the apartment.  By fast-cleaned I mean just vacuuming and picking up, my kind of cleaning, haha!!  I then plopped down on the couch and watched more One Tree Hill--totally addicted!  I also got my bridesmaid dress ordered for my sisters wedding!!  My friend Brooke called and asked if I wanted to come over and hang out with her family and watch movies and eat pizza.  OF COURSE, how could I pass that up!!
Kelley Jo & I 
Kelley Jo likes to play photographer
We watched Eat, Pray, Love & The Other Guys.  I liked both of the movies but not ones I would buy and be able to watch over and over again.  I'm more of a One Tree Hill person...ha!!  Told ya, totally obsessed!!  We got a little bit of snow also, but nothing really stuck to anything but the grass.
Once again I slept in and then came out and plopped down on the couch and watched One Tree Hill.  Don't worry, it's eventually going to run out so I'll have to switch to another obsession.  I should've gone to the gym but didn't, instead I went to Walmart to get groceries then went to check on one of my favorite little girls because she had been sick.  She perked up once she saw me of course (kidding......kind of), she really did though!  We started watching Sex & The City 2.....loved it!! 
I was sick through the night so I knew today was going to be a lazy day.  Can anybody guess what I watched??  Yep, you guessed it...One Tree Hill!  I did actually get stuff done though.  I felt pretty good after about 12 so I did a load of laundry and then got myself together so I could go to the gym.....YAY ME!! After that I did dishes, ironed and hung up laundry.....I guess today was the day of the weekend that I was the least lazy!  Well, I start working every other weekend starting next weekend so who knows how my weekend wrap-ups will be after this one.  Here's to a FABULOUS week!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


  • I love love love my new job!!  As much as I hate getting up at 4:40 it's great once I get there!
  • I am so looking forward to this new year.....I see good things, good things.
  • I really have to get serious about losing this weight I've put on and get in shape.  I mean seriously, Lindsay's wedding is in less than 5 months and the dress is going to not look as fabulous as I want unless I lose this weight and get some toned arms!
  • I'm ready for spring, or at least not so cold weather.
  • I'm so addicted to One Tree Hill!
  • I didn't go to the gym today.....crap
  • Even though taxes suck throughout the year, I'm really looking forward to my tax refund and the sooner the better!
  • I'm so ready to have my own washer & dryer again.
  • I miss my friends....I really have to call them more often.
  • My (& Michelle's) maid of honor speech really needs to be started.
  • After typing this out I realized I need to make a gigantic to-do list!
Hope everybody's new year is off to a great start!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!

I got to ring in the new year with some of my best friends last night.  We had tons of food, drinks and fun!  It was also our friends 30th birthday so we had to celebrate that as well.  We ate way too much then played a whole lot of Dance Central on Kinect!!  It was so much fun and a great workout!  I'm looking forward to a fabulous year!!!  Lindsay & Ty, the countdown is on!!!