Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Love Friday's, even though I had to work that night.  Got up and get ready then Niki and I went to do some shopping and got sushi for lunch.  After a little more shopping she dropped me off at home and I tried to get some sleep before I had to go in to work.

Came home and went straight to bed!!  My plan was to sleep till 5 but unfortunately a storm came through and woke me up a little earlier than planned.  All well!  I watched some TV and caught up on facebook then got ready for another night at work.

Came home and went to sleep for a few hours, went to the gym, went to Target and now back home ready to watch the Bachelorette-Men Tell All!!!

(Kinda sad when my weekend posts are so short :(  Gotta work though!)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Venture River

Today Niki & the boys, Joni and myself went to Eddyville, KY to go to Venture River.  First we stopped at IHOP in Paducah for breakfast and it was oh so good!!  After we stuffed ourselves silly we were off the Venture River.  Unfortunately, we were not impressed.  It was nice that it was much closer and a little cheaper than Holiday World but we all decided that next year we will definitely be going back to Holiday World for 2 days again!!  HA!!  We all got pretty roasted.  I look like a lobster!  I took a few pictures half way through the day.
My buddy Dawson and I (pretty hair huh??  This was after a waterslide or 2) 
Mama Joni and Lucas 
Niki, Dawson & Lucas, who didn't want his picture taken 
So I threatened him and got this!  HAHA!!  (I didn't really threaten him)

We had a good time and decided to leave around 4 so we could go eat dinner at Olive Garden in Paducah.  We were all looking a hot mess but we didn't care, we wanted salad and breadsticks and anything else that was not healthy for us!!  Definitely back to the working out, eating better train tomorrow!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I know it's Tuesday but I had a busy weekend and then worked the past 2 nights.  Better late than never!!
I slept in a little later than I was planning so when I got up I was in a hurry to get everything together so I could take my stuff to my friend Niki's for the garage sale tomorrow.  We got all that situated then headed to her MIL's pool to get some sun and try to stay cool.  The pool was so warm!!  We put the hose in it and pretty much just stayed right there where the cold water was.  We hung out at her house that night and did a few "pre-sales".  I headed home so I could go to bed at a decent time so I could get up early the next morning for the garage sale!!

I was up super early to get ready for the garage sale.  I went to a new place called "Southern Maide" to get donuts for everybody then headed down.  We had a steady stream of people all day and made decent money.  I made the most I've ever made before!!  I was exhausted so after we got everything packed up I fell asleep for a little bit then ate pizza with Niki and the boys.  Some other friends were going out tonight so I headed home to get ready and met them later that night.  We had a good time!!  They decided to go to another bar so I left and met up with some other friends.

Slept in that morning, went and got some lunch then came home and slept more.  Before I knew it it was 5 and I had to start getting ready for work.  We had a storm blow through that afternoon and I was without power for a little bit, I was glad it came back on in time for me to get ready for work.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Today I'm linking up with Lauren here for "Fill in the blank Friday"!

1. One of my happiest moments ever was...passing RN boards!!

2. Summer is wedding season and weddings! Even if you don't think it will ever be your own :(

3. This summer...has been so much fun!!  And had a few new things to try!
4. My summer food of choice has been...yogurt with oat bran in it!!!  YUM!!!

5. My summer uniform has been...capri's, tank tops, flip flops or bathing suit and coverup

6. If I could spend the entire summer in one location I would the pool with friends!

7. My summer anthem is...lots of songs!!  I'm loving Lauren Alaina, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and the list goes on !

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for fabulous friends....I am one lucky girl when it comes to my friends, I have the BEST!!
Today I'm thankful for getting to meet Andrea for lunch today and eat sushi
Today I'm thankful for having a "dinner party" with friends!
Today I'm thankful for air conditioning!!
Today I'm thankful for my job, it's very stressful but I love it!
I'm always thankful for my family!!
Now here are some pictures that I took of little miss Tenley Brooke tonight!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  I had no clue how much stuff I had stuffed in the apartment (ok, maybe I knew it was a lot but seeing it all strung out everywhere made me realize it!)  I hope I don't have to bring any of it back after the garage sale this weekend!

2.  I made it through my first week of night shift.  I've done well with it so far, let's hope it stays that way!

3.  I wanted to get some sun yesterday so I went to my friends pool to lay out....I kind of turned into a lobster.  Woops!  Feeling much better today, just a little red still.

4.  I'll be so happy when I have a bigger place with a garage and a washer and dryer!

5.  I finished the first season of 90210 and can't wait to start the 2nd season!  I need to buy that today!

6.  Until then, it's back to One Tree Hill!!

7.  It's amazing the amount of pens, pencils, high lighters and sharpies I've found while I'm cleaning out everything!  I've always been a little obsessed with pens and such!

8.  Not really needing a huge change in life but a little one would be nice!

9.  While cleaning out, I've found several of the bouquets I've caught at weddings....5 (and those are just the ones I've kept because the flowers are fake)

10.  I loved that I found a Coach purse that I totally forgot I had!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I met Niki in town today to run some errands and get lunch.  I got to pick up my pictures that I got developed from my water camera from the previous weekend when we went to Current River.  These are in backwards order....
Lounging at the end of the float  

Me, Beth & Niki 
Niki and Michael 
Me, Beth & Niki 
Chad & I 
Niki & I 
Runge & I 
Chad & I 
And again 
Niki & I getting ready to float

I was rather pleased with the pictures, of course I edited most of them just to get them a little more clear!  We did some more shopping becuase we both still had birthday money to spend and then I went home to take a nap before I had to go to work.  I made it through the whole night, just a little tired.
Slept all day so I would be ready to work all night.  I made it through the night but it was a struggle, 2:30 am is rough!!
Came home and slept for about 4 hours then got up and went to my friend John's house (the guy who I refer to as Runge in the pictures above, his first name is John, last name is Runge, we call him Runge for the most part) to lay out in his pool.  I got so burnt!!!  I then went to Niki's moms house for her birthday dinner and hung out there for a while.  All in all it was a pretty great weekend, even though I work more than half of it!!  Looking forward to a good week!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Copy Cat

I saw this on a blog that I read, Happily Herring and decided to be a copy cat!
10 Things I Can't Live Without
1.  Blistex
2. My iPhone
3. Job
4.  Diet Coke/Diet Mt. Dew
5.  Click Sharpies
6.  Cheese (haha...not really, but I did have a guy on a date ask me what my favorite cheese was once!)
7.  Hand Lotion
8.  Toothbrush
9.  Makeup
10.  Everything used to do my hair

Ok, so these are all a little silly to say I can't live without them but that's the fun of the post!!  (I didn't add pictures of these things because I didn't want to take up precious picture space!)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Current River~Float Trip 2011

Also my weekend wrap-up
So Friday I got up and was so excited to get my stuff all together and leave!!  We were all meeting at Mike & Niki's and leaving from there.  Niki and I decided to go ahead and start the party before we left!!  Everybody got there and we loaded up the 2 trucks and hit the road!!
First of many pictures of the weekend! 
Excited to be on our way!! 
I'm excited too!! 
Our hats for the float trip!
We got there and checked in to our room and were so surprised at how nice it was!!  It was exactly like the pictures looked!!
4 of us shared this bedroom 
1st bathroom 
Living room  
1 of the other bedrooms
We just hung out there for awhile.  We sat outside and drank and talked for a while then headed to the restaurant in the other building.  Pretty good food!!  

Chad took my camera and got the great pics!! 

 We decided to go out after we ate but I didn't take my camera.  It was a little bar with karaoke, a beer pong table, some pool tables and lots of fun!!!  We got there early and there weren't any other people there but that changed pretty quickly!!  It ended up being really fun but was a little too smoky for me!!  Some people had a little more fun than others....
Yep, passed out at the table...he eventually made it to a bed!

FLOAT DAY!!! We all got up around 8 and started getting our stuff together for the trip. We were all so excited!! I took a few pictures before hand with my real camera and brought a water camera for the float. I'll have to add those later or just do another post with just those pictures....who knows how they will turn out!!

All the girls ready to float! 
Me & Runge!!  Always gotta have one of these pictures! 
Crazy Beth & I 
Niki & I
After we got off the lake (about 8 hours later) we showered and changed clothes so we could go get something to eat.  Once again, Chad got my camera and took these pictures...
Niki & I 
Something was funny....most of the weekend funny! 
Runge was over it 
So was Brian

After dinner, we all headed back to the room and sat outside for a while and talked.  Everybody was so tired so we all headed to bed except for Chad, he went to the bar again!  The rest of us crashed!!
We were up early again today but not in the same good moods we were in yesterday!  We all got ready, packed up and headed out.  We stopped at Lambert's for some dinner and then finally made it home.  Then it was the not so fun part of unpacking and cleaning my apartment.  It was a mess from working the 3 days in a row before we left!!  It was such a great weekend!!  Now it's time for me to start working night shift as of tomorrow....kinda nervous about that!!  We'll see how it goes!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July~Weekend Wrap-Up

I spent the day with my BFF Niki shopping and getting lunch.  I went back home for a little bit then went to a cookout that evening then to go watch some of Lucas' ballgame.  I came late and didn't even get to see him play much!
He is so not feeling it!!
He has much more fun in the dugout!
I got standby at work!!  I went to my friends little girls birthday pool party (and managed to take absolutely no pictures) and then that evening went to hang out with my BFF and her family at the campground where they were camping for the holiday weekend.  We cooked out and ate yummy food and after the rain it was so cool outside that we actually needed the campfire!! 
I DID MY FIRST 5K!!!!  Well, I didn't actually run it but I did do it!!  Please pardon the horrible picture but it had to be documented!!  (no makeup and the ponytail is not a good look for me HA!)  My BFF Niki and I did it and are determined to run it next year!  It was hard but a lot of fun, even though it started raining on us a little after mile 2 and continued to rain for the rest of it and all through awards.  We went back to the campground to shower and eat lunch.  They ended up deciding to pack up the camper and head home. 

Dawson won't even smile in pictures with me anymore!!  He's too big!!  We went up town to watch the parade and get way to much candy.
Baby Tessa getting ready to watch the fireworks!
Aunt Niki, cousin Dawson and Baby Tessa before fireworks
Niki and I in our matching 5K shirts at the end of the night (my eyes are telling me it's way past my bedtime)
Lucas, Dawson and Michael watching the fireworks....they're exhausted too!!

I realize that this is SO late but I have been extremely busy these past few days and have some fabulous plans for the weekend!!  Tomorrow is my last day on day shift and next Monday I go to nights, scared and nervous but excited all at the same time.  I'm so worried about not sleeping!!  Well I gotta finish my commenting for the day so I can go to bed!