Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up (April 24-26)

Niki & I at the DG!!

How sweet is that face?
Love that little boy!!
After working outside all day, going to a birthday party and waiting out the rain, we decided to put together the boys trampoline....then we proceeded to use the selfie stick and take lots of selfies!!  Hehe!!!
I met J for dinner on his way home from working at his parents farm.  We ate at Chili's then he wanted ice cream so we went to Steak n Shake!!  Yum!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cruz Tyler

I stayed at their house that first night then was back at the hospital early the next morning.  When I got there, he was under the warmer and looked so sweet.  But, he always looks sweet so that wasn't any different!!  I'm just a little bit biased and a whole lot in love!!
His instagram debut
After his picture were taken, love love love this little onesie!!
Lindsay requested one thing on Black Friday while we were out shopping, and that was that somebody got her a cookie bouquet!!  Michelle did just that and it couldn't have been cuter!!
The next day and he's already looking different!!
Holding onto my shirt since day 1!
His first selfie with me at home!!
Trying out the Mammaroo
I could snuggle him all. day. long.
That was his face when I told him I had to go home that day :(
He was just as sad as I was, I cried and cried.
He wore this little outfit I got him to his first Dr.'s appointment and yes, he is a little genius!
One of his hospital pictures