Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stop & Smell the Roses {Week 27}

Stop and Smell the Roses
Happy Halloween!!
Everybody go check out the other vlogs on the link-up this week!!
Mandy's is especially funny today!!
HA!!  Of course, the hat would be the frozen frame here!!
This is the pinterest link-up I was talking about for tomorrows post....

Oh How Pinteresting....

Enjoy life
...actually printed fabric, but I love it...
Another dollar store project...cute Christmas presents! Going to def try this!!
The most useful thing on pinterest to date. It works!!! I tried it :D
haha so true
All pins can be found on my Pinterest.....@Krystal308

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Danielle & Jeremiah's Wedding {Part 3}

So, now to recap the was so much fun!!!  We were all having a blast, we barely even noticed we had been up since before 6am and had gone ALL DAY LONG!!!  Only for our Danielle!!
Grooms cake 
Mr. & Mrs. Stansfield
So cute!! 
Todd & Becca 
The bouquet toss
I had told everybody how I wasn't going to fight over it this time.  If I caught it, I caught it and that would be it.  Well, it came right to me but my sister was in front of me and she tried to catch it too.  I ended up with it in the end (after a small fight)....I really need to stop though because it's not like they are helping me get married next!!  HA!! 
Murray State friends! 
Anne & Lindsay 

My parents 
My sister and brother in law Ty 
It was like prom all over again!!  Jay & I 

Dancing the night away! 
And a huge, blown up picture of my hair!!  Loved it, to say the least!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Danielle & Jeremiah's Wedding {Part 2}

Now onto the wedding.....
and maybe a few pictures that I couldn't get uploaded on the first post!

Helping the bride to the party bus 
The gorgeous bride ready to take some pictures with her maids
Steph and her daughter Madalynn 
Opted for a photo shoot with her while we were waiting to leave for the ceremony!

Love her so much!! 
Madalynn posing with me! 
Sister shot! 
Panoramic of the bridesmaids....all 12 of us!! 
Papa Joe walking his baby girl down the aisle! 
After their first kiss!! 
We love our Todd!!! 
Me and my beautiful little sister! 
Becca and I
Now all I need to recap is the was so much fun and there are plenty of pictures to show it!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I spent the day running around all day in the crazy wind!!  I shopped a little at Target and got some cute, cute things....
Women's Mossimo® Ona Ballet Flat - Blush
like these leopard flats
(that are now on sale so I'm sure I will be getting an adjustment!)
  Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Shawl Cardigan - Assorted Colors         
and this cute toggle button sweater....although I thought it looked much better on than it does in this picture!
I wore a cute outfit too but I didn't take a picture and polyvore doesn't have everything I wore and can't find close enough matches!  HA!!  I know better than to not take a picture!!  All well, I will know better next time.  I went and had some stitches taken out from getting a cyst cut out last Friday and I'm so glad it looks good.  I was so worried about having a big, ugly scar but, my Dr. totally came through with my referral.  She sent me to a PA who used to work for a plastic surgeon but now works for an ear, nose and throat doctor.  Also, the pathology report came back totally negative!!  YAY!!!  Brooke and I went to a friends Grandma's visitation and then went to eat dinner.  I hung out with Josh after that for a little while.
I got up and worked at the restaurant till about 2 then headed home to nap before going out that night.  I didn't nap because I put in the movie Dolphin Tale and couldn't stop watching it (or crying from it) so I did not sleep. I listened to the new Taylor Swift cd (no I'm not 15...) the whole time I was getting ready and I LOVE IT!!  We all met at BWW to eat and then went to a local bar where there were plenty of ridiculous halloween costumes to see!  We all had a really good time!!
I slept in late and got up to do some housework.  I have to do it in little bits and pieces or otherwise it just keeps being put off.  I've never claimed to be a good housekeeper...(sorry Mom, I wish I took after you).  I went to get groceries then headed down to my BFF's moms house.  Her boys were carving pumpkins and I snuggled the baby boy. 
Have to say it was a darn good weekend!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Danielle & Jeremiah's Wedding {Part 1}

So one of my best friends since middle school got married last weekend and I took a ton of pictures!  These next couple of post will be pictures from the wedding.  {It's going to be several posts because resizing pictures gets tiring and I'm in the middle of working my stretch this week}
Saturday morning, we were all up by 6am and ready to get the day started.  I had one of the earlier hair appointment times so I left around 6:30 to head back to my parents to get ready before my hair appointment.  I was so excited about getting my hair done because I love big hair and I was planning on getting it!!  I'm pretty sure I succeeded!!

Love these edible arrangements!!
My hair done, waiting for Danielle to get her done 
Lindsay & I all dolled up!
Madelyn after getting her hair done.  She wasn't thrilled to be sitting in the chair and was a little overwhelmed when she first got there.  She was a trooper though and her Momma got her settled and used just the right words to get her to do it!!   
Loved her hair!! 
Riding in the car, trying to get the bride home to get dressed and ready for pictures!
Oh that girl!!  Gorgeous!! 
Me & that little precious girl!! 
Joy & I
Of course, with the skinny arm 
Getting laced up 
Sarah & I on the bus heading to take pictures
(It took me 2 days to get this post done because uploading pictures is not going quickly....)