Saturday, November 30, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up (Nov22-24)

So this would be the second day I spent at Niki's with her boys.  They were out of town, so her mom and I took turns with the boys.  On Thursday night, I took the older boys to drum lessons for one and baseball hitting lessons for the other.  It had been rainy and cold all day and the parking lot was a mess.  This is the mess that was in my car the next day.  The oldest one felt so bad!!  Bless his heart!!
He was loving his new boots from mamaw!!
They stayed with her mom that night and I went back the next morning to get them and have lunch.  We came back to their house and the big boys went to a friends house so it was just me and the little one!!
He was using me as a jungle gym!!!
Isn't he just the cutest thing!!!
We went up to the church later that evening to eat dinner and then I went to get the big boys.  They stayed with mamaw again that night.  He slept so much better there than with me!!
I went over there to eat brunch with them and then brought to boys home with me.  This is the face I got when someone didn't get a long enough nap!!
I'm thinking someone was missing mommy pretty bad at this point!!
They got home that evening and the boys were so happy to see them.  We all ate some pizza and went through all their free stuff from the expo.  I went home to crash!!!
Just a little hot chocolate to end the night.

Weekend Wrap-Up (Nov15-17)

I got up and ran some errands.  Niki and I of course did some shopping.  I got this new mascara thanks to Kate at TheSmallsThingsBlog.  I love it!!!  The brush is amazing!!!
I was going through Kiki La'Rue's instagram account looking for outfit ideas and I LOVE LOVE LOVE these 2!!  Niki bought me that Lenore scarf so I have that, but the heather gray essential is sold out every time I go to order it. 

And this outfit, I ordered the navy leggings and I got a sweater from Target, then with the Lenore scarf and the boots I already version of this outfit!!
A bad storm passed through, but luckily, we didn't have any damage around here.  My friends and I made plans to all be together today, it's been a year since Chad passed.  Mike & Niki had everybody over at their house for dinner.  We had lasagna, salad, garlic bread, wine and lots of desserts.  It was a nice time, I'm glad we were all able to be together.

Weekend Wrap-Up (Nov8-10)

I met my BFF to do some shopping, it was payday Friday and all.  We got groceries and also did a little shopping for ourselves and I did a little Christmas shopping!!!

A few of us girls from work met up at one of the wineries, Von Jacob.
Jessica & I at Alto Pass
After we left the wineries, I went to Niki's for a bonfire.  We ate s'mores and sat around the fire until it got to cold to stay outside.  We came in and the girls played cards while the guys watched a game or something.  We had so much fun!!
I did my normal today, cleaned, laundry, grocery shopped and tried a new recipe that Niki gave me.  It was so good and I finally made chicken that actually tasted good!!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Miscellany Monday

lowercase letters
one I put flannel sheets on my bed last night.
two I'm mildly obsessed with sangria right now.
three It is a little to early to put up my Christmas decorations isn't it?
four Bright red toenails make me happy
five My scentsy warmers have been on overtime this weekend
six I really need to get my butt back in school for my BSN
seven Waiting to hear back from something sometimes takes to long
eight I need more patience, anybody have some to spare?
nine Can't wait to get my new iPhone cases in the mail
ten Is it unreasonable to want everything to be monogrammed?
eleven Christmas shopping has officially started!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

I got up early!!  It was so nice not having to sleep all day the next day after working!!  Day shift is fabulous!!  I got ready, paid bills, had my car washed, grocery shopped and did some window shopping.  I really need to start my Christmas shopping!! 

Me and some girls from work were running our first zombie run today. We were so excited!!  This is us before....pre-mud!
Me, Trisha, Sarah and Laura 
(I'm on my iPad and these pictures are out of order a little bit but all well)

After the race, we changed our clothes so we could hang out around the fire and eat some yummy food!  Somebody just got two new puppies and this was Jack!!  They were so cute and kept climbing on our laps!!  I didn't get a picture of his sister Dixie!

After.....Laura got left behind at some point and ended up pulling a muscle and caught a ride with the zombies!!

See.....very, very muddy!!  We didn't get to run but maybe half of it because it was a trail run. The course is normally for ATV's and such so it was rough. Lots of holes and super rocky!  We can't wait to do more of them though!!
I was up early again and started getting my things ready for the week. Laundry, dishes and a little cleaning then I sat down to catch up on my shows!!  Last week, my friend Sarah had pinned a Michael Kors purse website on Pinterest and I saw it. I ordered a purse and a wallet for cheap and got it in the Mail Saturday, or maybe it was Friday. I don't really remember!!  I wasn't very happy when I opened it up and saw it but all well, what did I expect for the price I paid!!

The wallet was way to small so I won't be using it but I think I'll carry it for a while!!

Weekend Wrap-Up

I spent the day with Niki doing a little shopping. She needed to get halloween costumes for 2 of her boys and we just wanted to do a little looking around. I needed lotion and we both wanted to go to our new Ulta that had just opened up the weekend before.  We hung out at her house that night, ate dinner and had a few drinks. I made sangria, my friends Sarah's recipe, and it was so good!

I slept most of the day then got up so I could get ready to go to Niki's for the parade. Her oldest son plays the bass drum in the school band and they were marching in the parade. They all got to wear their Halloween costumes also.  It was cold but not to bad and they were the best band there!!  The Cardinals game had already started, we listened to it on the way back to the house and picked up a pizza on the way. We got to watch the rest of it once we got back to their house. 

I tried to make myself get up early so I could go to sleep at a decent time tonight. I start my first day back on days Monday and I'm probably not gonna sleep much.