Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Don't miss this deal!!!!!

A friend of mine posted about this sale on Facebook and it's a great deal!!! 
Check it out!!!
I'm not sure how much longer it lasts but if you use the word SAVE as the promo code, you will get 3 for the price of one!!!
I ordered mine this afternoon and for 3 for about $27.00!!!
Now that is a deal!!!
I probably should of ordered one for myself and 2 as gifts!!

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was hair appointment day and I sent this picture to Lindsay after.  It was an early morning for me and I needed coffee!!!


 I met my friend Brooke for lunch at McCalister's, I haven't gotten to hang out and talk to her in a while.  It was so nice to catch up even if it was a short visit.  I went back to Carbondale to do some shopping.  I went to TJMaxx and bought nothing, Party City, the mall and Kohl's.  I found a few things at Ulta too!!! 
I went home to start getting ready for a halloween party I had that night.  I didn't know where the party was so I met up with some friends to catch a ride. 
 Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Batgirl and Dorothy
I slept in and then got up and got ready for my friend Danielle's wedding.  She is one of my co-workers and was marrying one of the only guys we work with!!  HA!!  They were both smiling from ear to ear all night.
Me and the beautiful Bride!!

Me, Danielle & Trish
It was pretty cold out there.  We were all sitting pretty close together and it was better.  We ate dinner then it was time to cut the cake.  Danielle had asked me to cut the cake and Trish helped me.  The reception was outside at a small lodge/bar and people from the bar were coming out and sneaking pieces of cake!!  HA!!  Some people have nerve!!
We left a little bit later because it was so cold!!  I met up with some friends at a restaurant and then we went to a bonfire/halloween party.  It was cold there too but they did have a fire. 
Me, Laryssa & Andi
We were missing our friend Lacee, so we thought we would do her signature pose!!  Always with the hair over her eye!!
(Seeing all these pictures make me want a new phone so much more....if the gold one wasn't out of stock everywhere!!)
I tried to sleep most of the day so I could work that night!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Miscellany Monday

lowercase letters
one I love me some instagram (@krystal308)
two Can't believe Christmas is 73 days away
three I'm thinking of cutting my hair and doing the clavicut
four I need to still get a costume for the Halloween party Friday
five I need cooler weather STAT
six I also need a smaller waistline and lighter scale for these cooler weather clothes 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

I started my weekend a little early this week.  I slept most of the day since I worked the night before.  I decided to go ahead and drive home on Thursday night instead of trying to get up early Friday morning because that wouldn't have happened!!  I love SLEEP!!  I called my sister and asked if I could stay at her house, of course, she said yes.  I was able to get into town in enough time to watch my oldest niece's volleyball game.  She didn't actually get to play when I was there but it was so fun to watch!!  They play 3-5 games depending on enough wins.  They had lost the first 2 games and I came in on the 3rd game when they were down.  They ended up winning that game and the 4th game and the 5th game was so close but ended up losing.  It was so sad.  (Disclaimer: these are all iPhone pictures and I have a 4 so the quality is pretty poor, I'm going to get a 5s soon!!)
We went back to my sisters house and got last minute things together for our camping weekend.  My other niece, Maddie and I watched the end of last seasons Hart of Dixie then finally headed to bed.
We got up and got ready to head to the campground with some fully packed cars!!  We set up camp and hung out all day.  We cooked dinner over the fire and ate way to much food.  We sat around the fire and hung out and talked.  I "watched" the Cardinals game on my phone, well not so much watched but watched the score on my sports app and read the play by play.  It was a long game and after 13 innings I'm glad they won!!

I think I slept a little bit, I was just glad I wasn't cold!!  We got up and Mom and Gerry made breakfast and it was so good!!  
A baby turtle we found at our campsite
We all hung out, some people took naps, Mom, Me & Lindsay hiked around the lake.  We almost crashed a wedding!!  HA!!!  Not really, we were able to go around without too many people noticing.  We came up on a birthday party and people taking family pictures also.  When we got back, Lindsay took a nap.  Mom and I were the only ones who actually stayed up....although I did close my eyes for just a minute sitting in the chair.  We ate dinner, hung out around the fire and played catch phrase again.  Then all these pictures happened.....too funny!!
HAHA!!  Both of them make the same face!!
I think she was falling....She didn't get our cheerleader genes!!
Oh, the beauty of camping
at least my teeth are pretty...right Linds??
She said I need to smile bigger....
so this is what she got!
Oh, are too funny!!
We got up and packed up camp and headed home!!  I got home and started laundry and took a nap!!  I definitely didn't sleep very well this weekend, not that I really expected to.  It was such a fun weekend and next will be too....Halloween party on Friday and wedding on Saturday!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

I woke up early on Friday so I could work at the restaurant for a little bit.  After I left there, I ran some errands to finish up some stuff for a friends bachelorette party tomorrow.  Of course, I decided to do a litte DIY at the last minute.  I came home and started on that project then ran to Target.  I ended up spending way to much time there but not very much money!!  #winning  I came home and finished cleaning my house since some of the bachelorette party was going to be at my house tomorrow. 

I woke up early because I wanted to go to my friend Niki's, oldest son's parade that he was marching in but it was raining so I didn't go.  I went back to sleep and got up later to start getting ready for the party.  I still hadn't decided on what to wear so I went to Maurice's to see if I could find something I like better.  I'm loving their skinny jeans/jeggings or whatever they are called and I had a coupon, so I bought boots too!!  I have been looking for new boots for a while and haven't found any that I totally love yet and these are adorable!

Monica Zipper Back Riding Boot -             Monica Zipper Back Riding Boot -   Monica Zipper Back Riding Boot -
We met at Chili's to eat to start out.  We had plans afterwards but the bride didn't know what they were.
Danielle, Laura & Sarah
Trisha & I
We came back to my house to eat cake and play some cheesy bachelorette party games!  We had a blast and laughed so hard!!

Me, Laura, Danielle, Trisha & Sarah
Yummy sangria in our cute glasses that I glitterized!!
The glasses were my last minute DIY.  I put a ringpop, tylenol, a glow bracelet and gum in each one.  I didn't take a picture of them all sitting there but I think one of the other girls might have.  I thought they turned out really cute.  I saw them on pinterest here.  We then left here and headed in to town to go out and do some dancing. 
Me, Laura & Sarah
At the first place we went, we were dancing and I saw Emily and had to have my picture taken with her!!  She taught Niki & I how to put eyelashes on correctly on YouTube!!  I immediately sent this picture to Niki because I knew she would be just as excited!!
I was very happy to wake up and not feel awful like I did after the last bachelorette party I went to.  I didn't have any plans for today so I just cleaned up what was still left out from the party and just watched some tv.  Lindsay sent me a text saying that she had bought me something and I get this picture.....

yep, that's a hashtag and I love it!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Five on Friday


one.  I'm so excited for my friend Danielle's bachelorette party tomorrow.  I did a little DIY I saw on Pinterest!!

two.  I really need to get my eating in check.  No more excuses!

three.  I'm really hoping I find the Halloween costume I want for my co-workers party!

four.  I'm loving my nails!!!  New shellac is the best!

five.  I've lived in my house for almost two years and I'm having my first party here tomorrow.  I've been cleaning like a mad woman!!!