Monday, February 1, 2010

A baby.....

So I'm watching the View this morning and it was a day of hot topics. One of the hot topics was that women's eggs are 90% gone by the time they are 30! I wanted to cry! I'll be 28 this year and to think that my chances of having a baby are going to be so small by the time I meet somebody and get married makes me so sad! I've wanted a baby my entire life and to have a problem getting pregnant when I finally meet somebody I want to have a baby with is just my luck! You people know me and it really is just my luck!

Then I'm watching Bonnie Hunt and the lady that wrote "Eat Pray Love" ( I think that's who it was) was on the show and she's talking about how women who get married are less successful, die younger, tend to weight 10 pounds more and so on and so on than women who aren't married!! Then it's the opposite for men. Married men are more successful, live longer, make more money etc than men who are single! Isn't that crazy!!

Well, one of these days I will be happy and things will fall into place..........right?