Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

So the ice started yesterday, going for about 12 hours, then the snow started.  I woke up to about 6 inches of snow and it wasn't stopping anytime soon.  I was so glad I got to go to my nail appointment yesterday and my hair appointment that was scheduled for today got moved to yesterday. 
A silly horoscope I saw on FB!
So that night I thought about trying to get to my friends house.  I was able to back down my driveway and that was it.
This is what my driveway looked like, at least the sun was trying to melt some of it!  I never did get a snow shovel after last year and that was a big mistake!  The only thing I had was a broom.  It helped push some of the snow out of my way.  I did actually get onto the road, drove around the block and was able to get back in my garage.  I spent the day watching Christmas movies on Netflix and finished wrapping the few Christmas gifts I still had left.  I was bored out of my mind!! 
This is what my back yard looks like...
I am still bored out of my mind but at least I had some things I could do to get ready for my work week.  Hopefully I can still get out of my driveway in the morning. 

I think my tree might be leaning...
Probably should have closed the blinds before I took this picture.

Weekend Wrap-Up (Nov 29- Dec 1)

Thanksgiving was my holiday to work so I worked all day yesterday.  We were actually pretty busy early on in the day trying to get as many patients home as we could.  Once late afternoon came, we were able to relax and wait for the evening rush!  I wasn't expecting to be on standby today but as luck would have it, they called and I accepted!!  I was already up and getting ready so I headed out of the house about 6:30.  When I got to Target this is what was playing in my car....
It wasn't too busy at this time because most stores had been open since 8pm the night before.  I ran into my BFF Niki and her MIL shopping.  It has been an annual thing for them to shop on Black Friday together.  We planned on meeting up for lunch together later.  I continued shopping and ran across this...
If I had a niece this small I totally would have bought it...or if it came in a big enough size for one of my sisters or my mom!!  HA!!  They are crazy cat people!!
I went on to Carbondale to shop some more.  I got lots of deals and maybe a few things for myself.  I was planning on bringing my old Christmas tree to work with me for a lady who needed one so I called her and met her in the parking garage to give it to her.  I then went to meet Niki to eat lunch at Chili's and they had a drink but I just drank water because I was on call at the hospital.  Afterwards, I went to Barnes & Noble to look for a certain book then back to Kohl's because I forgot to use my coupons earlier.  The line at this time was almost wrapped around the store.  Niki was there so I went ahead and got in line while they shopped.  We took turns back and forth to get our shopping done.  Everyone in line was so nice, one of the husbands even went and got a bag and brought it back for me!!  The Christmas spirit was in the air!!  I headed back to Marion to finish up some shopping and then went home.  I ended up going to a friends house and watched The Great Gatsby, it was really good!!

The weather was beautiful today!!  It didn't feel like it was almost December.  I put some lights outside and made my wreath for the door.  I had seen a picture on Pinterest (of course) of one you could buy and I thought I could make it.  I bought all kinds of stuff at Hobby Lobby yesterday and started putting it together. 
I was so happy with how it turned out.  I'm still gonna try to find a more whimsical letter K.
I headed down to Niki's to eat at her Mom's house.  She made another Thanksgiving dinner and I was so excited to eat it.  They fed us turkey and such at work but it wasn't the same.  Yum!!  It was so good!!

I spent most of the day cleaning and getting ready for the work week.