Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July

We started off the weekend right Friday with a little swimming and taco nachos with margaritas!
Love these little individual drinks!!
Race Day!!
Current BFF's with future BFF's
and with their wives
Niki & I getting ready to watch the parade
Mary, Kristen, Mickey, Niki, Rachel & I using the selfie stick!
Fireworks were so good!!!
Niki & I got up early and headed to Chesterfield to shop before Dawson's game.  Vera Bradley was our first stop and the sale was amazing!!!  We shopped for a few hours then headed to the ball game.
Ryker checking out an airplane through his new aviators! 
Matt Holliday's kid pitching to Dawson! 
And you can see Edmonds ex-wife sitting in the stands...the blonde in the orange dress right where Dawson's right elbow is!  I tried to get pictures of Holliday & Edmonds but never got that lucky.  A little girl the day before got to take selfie with Holliday!!
What the back of my car looked like when I got home....I love outlet shopping!!!

My Birthday Weekend

So Lindsay found this super awesome chocolate chip cookie recipe....and I'm so addicted....they are soo good!!  And with these Delightfulls....they are even more amazing!!
I got up and picked Niki & the boys up from the hotel then went to get Kelsey and we all went to the mall.  Kelsey was looking for a purse and a dress for a wedding but we didn't find either.  We did get to eat chick fil a though!!  Yum!!  We then went to Dawson's ball game.  Danielle had to take a picture of my shirt to send to her sisters....they just love all my monogram stuff....well maybe they think it's a little ridiculous but they still love it!
After the ball games, we went back to my parent's house for a cook out to celebrate my birthday.

Ryker having a ball playing with the big boys!
Danielle, Jenny & Parker 
Danielle, Me, Jenny & Parker
Niki & I
Ryker & I
It's my birthday!!!!!  And also my dad's birthday and he had a big birthday party at his house!
Cruz & I in the cute outfit and shoes I got him!
I hung out at the party for a little bit in between games.  I missed the first coupe of innings of the championship game but made it there in time to see them win it all!!

Weekend Wrap-Up (June 19-21)

Watching movies and eating brownie sundaes....

I got up and went to my sisters for the weekend.  Danielle & Jeremiah also came over.  We went and got sushi for lunch then walked downtown, got iced coffee and did a little shopping.  We came back and then went to dad's to celebrate Father's day. 

Happy Father's Day
We seriously got him the same card...good stepdad cards are hard to find

Weekend Wrap-Up (June 12-14)

I got to spend the majority of the day by the pool with my BFF.  We had so much fun, synchronized swimming with floaty rings (and maybe a few drinks before that)!  It was hilarious!!
One of our co-workers is moving away and we had a winery day for a going away party.  We met at a place to eat to start the day off!
Trisha, Me & Penny using the selfie stick!
Our selfie stick group shot!

Holiday World Weekend

Holiday World
Ryker eating a little ice cream in the wagon
Waiting to go into Holiday World 
Ryker & I waiting at the cabana to go swim!
"Cool like Daddy"
On Friday, I left to go back home.  It was such a nice I spent it like this....
Hot day, cold drink, nice pool!

Kelsey's Graduation Party (May29-31)

Kelsey's Graduation Party
Another fabulous cake made by Joni!
Grandma holding Cruz for the first time 
Tammy, Michelle & Stacy

Memorial Day Weekend

Cruz & I having a little facetime date!
That little side-eye was cracking me up!!

Kelsey's high school graduation!!  Cruz slept through the beginning then decided it was time to eat.
So proud of her!!!

We met Danielle and Becca and their families for lunch this day.
So sweet!
Becca & I
Love these girls to pieces!!!
I brought the selfie stick!!  Love this!!
We wanted Ty in on the action and he thought we were all gonna do "the face" again!!  So funny!!

My shoes I had Becca monogram for me!!
Love them so much!!
We always have to go to Crème when I come in town!!
We went to Dad's for a cookout.

Cruz taking a little nap on Aunt Krystal

I came home and mowed my grass and decided to finally plant my rose bush.  So pretty!!