Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week Wrap-Up

Thursday was finally my last orthodontist appointment!!  They took final pictures and my retainers!!!
It was worth every penny!!

Angie and I at the Synagis dinner Snapchat style

Mary's is a nice restaurant here in town and I had never been before.  I had heard how great it was and it did not disappoint!!  We had a whole spread of appetizers, pumpkin, apple and leek soup, ceasar salad, my entree was steak, shrimp, baked potato, croissant and melon, then cheesecake for dessert!!!  It was entirely too much!!  I took almost my entire dinner and cheesecake to a friend of mine for dinner.  It was really good though!!
I was on call today but I didn't get called in.  I met Niki out shopping and then we decided to have a pizza night at her house.  I picked up Papa Murphy's on the way down to her house.  Ryker helped me make his little pizza.  He mostly just ate the cheese and pepperoni off of it though!
We sat and watched all the good tv from Thursday night since I was at that dinner and didn't get to watch any of them.  She had some empty bikes for her spin class the next morning so I told her I would come to it. 
I was up early to get all my stuff together for the day since I knew I would be gone all day.  I headed down to Goreville for her spin class. 
606 calories!!  I'll take it!!  It was a really good class, I wish I could always go to it!!
We went back to her house to change clothes and go to her other house to work on it.  Her husband had knocked out both the chimney's so we moved all the brick and torn down drywall out of the house.  We went back to her house to get cleaned up to go to a bonfire at her moms house.  It was cold but it was fun to get to hang out with everybody.
I woke up to a freezing cold house!!  I didn't even want to get out of bed!  I finally did, ran some errands, mowed the yard, did some laundry and finally sat down to watch some more of The Good Wife.  Now, I guess it's time to finish folding the laundry and get ready to start the week.

Homecoming Weekend

Miss Lilah Grace
I got to be her Momma's nurse when she brought this beautiful little baby into the world and I was so happy to be there and be a part of it!!  I may not be a part of their family, but they always treat me as if I am!!  So sweet!!
It was day 5 of the cleanse and when I stopped to get gas, this donut truck pulled in right after me!!  The darn thing was taunting me!!  I stayed strong least until after the football game!
Once I got into Evansville, I stopped and got my nails done since my nail lady got a different job.  I was doing my own for a while but they usually didn't last past 3 days.  I went to my sisters house to do my nieces hair for homecoming that night.  She wanted something pretty easy but I was still nervous doing it!  She had to be at the game early to ring an old bell that had been restored. 
Ringing the was harder than it looks!!
Me and my pretty sister
Kelsey before the game
Kels & Kenzie
Kelsey & I
Kelsey and her momma
Hadley and Kelsey
She had lots of people come to watch her on court and even though she didn't win, we were all very proud!!  After the game, some of us went to get something to eat, I was starving!!  That was when the cleanse ended, I just couldn't resist!!
We got up early to head to Kelsey's volleyball tournament.  It was fun to watch and they played well!!

Michelle and I came back before the tournament was over, she took me to moms and we sat at the sunroom table with mom and looked on Pinterest for a long time!!  It was fun.  Michelle and I went back to her house and hung out with Kelsey for a little bit then I went over to my friends house to watch the Cardinals game with them. 

Weekend Wrap-Up

I helped my BFF at her new house with the rest of her family.  They got a new kitten and were trying to come up with a name for him.  I texted this picture to my family and got lots of name ideas, they ended up choosing Louie Storm!  Haha!!  I'm pretty sure Kelsey came up with Louie!  He is so sweet and tolerates the 2 year old carrying him around all the time!
I went with them to watch a parade the next day.

He wasn't too thrilled to be out was hot in those uniforms!
I went back to there house and worked on the new house with them.  We did a lot of demolition...we tore down wall after wall of drywall!  It was really fun!!   We were worn out so we just hung out that night.
Niki is doing a bootcamp and they were going to be starting a cleanse on Monday so we found it on pinterest and I decided to do it with her.  I went to the grocery to get everything I would need for this week.
I found new iPhone cases that I bought probably over a year ago!