Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up (a little late)

I know, I'm super late on posting this weekends post but I've been busy....more on that tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed for good news but highly doubting that's what I'm gonna get. So Friday I had a busy day! My friend Laryssa sent me a message asking me what my day looked like because she had the feeling she was going to become a new momma today and I was very excited for her!! So, it was the gym, then errands and lunch with Niki, then ran by the hospital to see Laryssa and then to work for an extra shift I picked up. I brought sugar cookies (made by Niki) to work and they were a huge hit....of course I knew they would be! I was getting text messages the entire time keeping me updated on Laryssa. I was scheduled to get off at 9 and was really hoping I would make it to the hospital before she had her but that didn't happen. I got there not too long after though and finally got to meet this beautiful little girl below!!
Tenley Brooke Allen 7lbs 6oz, 19 in born at 8:33p.m.

She was so bright eyed!

A little too close for her maybe, I mean she was only about an hour old!!
So on Saturday, I got up very early to go work at KB's. It was nice to work at the restaurant again and I got to see a lot of customers. After that, I went by my hair salon for their open house and got a few free goodies! I came home to try to lay down for a bit and take a nap before studying a little but that didn't really happen. Most of the day was gone by now....I decided I needed to go see baby Tenley again. I texted Laryssa and went up there and visited with them for a while and cuddled Tenley. I went to pick up some food for them and brought it back. I definitely stayed way longer than I should but how can you leave this precious little face!!

She looks so long!

She knew I was leaving and she was sad!

Sunday, I got up and went to church then came home to do more test questions. That evening I was invited over to Brooke's house for a wienie roast and smores. Unfortunately, it came a down pour and we ended up with hot dogs cooked on the stove and smores made in the oven with the broiler. We still had a blast and ate too much!! No pictures were taken......except for the ones Kelley Jo took with my camera, mostly grass and her fingers!

I'm ready for a change and hopefully that will come tomorrow......I'll post the news then.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Funny story

Today, while I was at work, myself and one of the Doctors had a little conversation and I thought it was so funny!

Dr: Krystal, you look tired

Krystal: Yeah, I didn't sleep very well last night. It was hot in my apartment

Dr: You have central air?

Krystal: No just a window unit and I was cold so I turned it off and just turned the fan up

Dr: (totally serious) Oh that is not good. Krystal you need to get a new apartment. One with central air

Krystal: (laughing) Yeah, I'm working on it

Ok, so maybe you had to be there for it to be funny! He has an accent and that is what makes it way more funny. He is one of my favorites and is always asking how I am and so on and so forth. Very, very nice doctor, we are really lucky to have him!!

So, yeah, a new apartment would be nice and I plan on it soon........just one tiny little pesky test away from it!! No TV tonight, just studying, uploaded some pictures, did my blog thing then back to reading!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up


I drove to Evansville thursday night after work. I came home for the weekend b/c Lindsay got all her bridesmaids together and both mom's to go dress shopping Saturday. Friday I went with mom all day to do running with her. We ate lunch at Chick-fil-a! YUMMO!! I knew I would definitely be going by there this weekend!! After going to get groceries we went to Sonic. I got a vanilla Diet Coke and she got a chocolate milk shake!! We needed it and it was so HOT!! We got home then headed over to Michelle's to get the girls for Maddie's soccer game. I'm not a very good aunt, b/c I didn't take one single picture at her game....sorry! It was so hot in the beginning of the game and we faced right into the sun. By the end of the game it was really nice and the wind was actually cool.....can we say hello fall?!?!? It's coming, I know it!!


We have been looking forward to this day for a couple of weeks now!! I have over 70 pictures from that day but I didn't want to post any of her in any of the dresses! So I picked just some random ones, funny ones! We all had a really good time. We went to 2 places and then had lunch and went to one more shop. She is still waiting on a dress to get shipped to the first store, so there will be at least one more dress shopping day! She still isn't sold on a bridesmaid dress either (maybe b/c I'm a teeny bit picky) so hopefully that will be chosen soon as well. Everybody had to get back home or other activites that were going on that day so we all parted ways about 3 or so. My niece's came back to mom & Gerry's so Michelle could go to work. We layed around for the rest of the afternoon and watched movies and maybe took a little nap. Mom made pancakes and turkey bacon for supper then the girls & I played cards. I'm pretty sure they were both asleep when Michelle came to get them.

Danielle & I

Funny!!! Michelle & I

The Beautiful bride Lindsay (in black) & Tonya
I slept in!! YAY!! I started my laundry that I brought home with me then went out to wash my car. It was hot out there, but I was hoping to get some sun too! I think I need lessons on how to wash my seems to still look dirty when I look at it in certain light, I'm kind of obsessive about it! After that I tried to lay out and that lasted about 30 minutes, I was sweating like crazy!! I needed a pool! I needed to run to Michael's to get paper for some baby invitations I was making for a friend of mine who's shower is coming up in September. I came home, finished my laundry, Kelsey and Maddie were there so I sat down in the living room with them and realized that One Tree Hill was on.....for 4 hours straight!! Needless to say, we watched all 4 hours of it (except for the last 30 minutes of the 4th episode b/c mom made meatloaf and dinner was ready so TV off!) Lindsay got there a little after dinner was over. We were all playing Apples to Apples, Mom won. Lindsay & I took the girls home so they could get showers and be in bed at a decent time for school. Michelle got home a little after 9 and the 3 of us talked and looked at dress pictures from Saturday. I love spending time with my sisters!!
(I know monday isn't part of the regular weekend but it is for me)
Got up and got ready, packed up my car and headed back to So Ill. I went by Kathleen's bridal in Harrisburg and found a bridesmaid dress that we're gonna check out! YAY!! I had a dentist appointment then came home and got caught up on some stuff. I went to the gym and read some more from one of my NCLEX study books then came home and took a practice test. Exactly one week from right now it will be all behind me and I hope I'm feeling good about it!! It's definitely crunch time now!! I finished the last dvd in the 2nd season of Nip/Tuck and while I was working on the baby shower invites I had the movie "Adam" on. It was a good movie!! Now I need to get off here and get ready for my work week!
Hope everyone has a great week!!
P.S. I'm up to 5 followers!! YAY!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Always Sometimes Never

I Always
snooze my alarm clock
turn my fan off when I get out of bed
hate to leave my family to come back to IL
wear sunglasses outside, even in the winter
have my phone with me
try to make the best of my day
iron my clothes the night before
bring my lunch to work with me
I Sometimes
forget to bring socks to work
stay up way to late to get up at 5am
forget to reply to emails
love my current job
stay home all day on my days off
get to go to Sonic happy hour and get vanilla diet cokes
wish I was 22 again
I never
sleep straight through the night
drink tea, sweet or unsweet
cut or color my own hair (anymore! HA!)
have enough time with family and friends
drink enough water through out the day
go many days without a headache
get tired of reading blogs!

Monday, August 16, 2010 I done yet?


NCLEX is going to be the death of me!

No optimism today, but maybe tomorrow.....come back and check on me ok?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up


Even though I was very, very sleepy I got up and headed to the gym for 9am body pump. I'm glad I did, even if it kicked my booty! Came home and got cleaned up then met my friend Niki for lunch at Don Sol (one of our favorites!) and then headed out with her to finish up her errands for the day. It was so HOT that day, we had the A/C on full blast every time we got in the car! Her husband had a ticket to go to the Cards/Cubs game that night and her boys were going to the fair with their grandpa so she was going to be home alone.....we took that as a good chance to rent chick flicks and scary movies since it was gonna be just girls for the night! So, after her husband left for the game and the boys were picked up we decided what we were gonna do for and candy! Haha!! We watched Shutter Island, Remember Me & Date Night.

Shutter Island was different but a decent movie with a surprising ending, Remember Me was a good movie with a surprising ending and Date Night was HILARIOUS!!!! It was so much fun to just hang out and talk (even during the movie and not get in trouble!) Thanks Niki for a super fun day!! (I finally sent you the link to this, so I know you're reading it.....become a follower and then make your own!!)


Slept pretty great last night (YAY)!! I got up and watched the rest of Nip/Tuck season 2 because I am ready to send it back and get what's next on my list One Tree Hill season 7! I love love love that show and I am so excited to get that season!! I've bought the first 5 seasons and will definitely be buying the 6th and 7th seasons once they don't cost $44.99! I know they'll probably go on sale before Christmas so I will either buy them or put them on my Christmas list! I knew that I was going to be hanging out with my friend Brooke for the day. So I showered and put on my bathing suit and left for her house. She was canning tomatoes so I helped her finish that up and then we got in the pool with the kids for a little bit, had some snacks and played in the pool some more. It was already afternoon when we got out there so my hopes of getting some sun didn't happen. All well, we had fun!! We came in and she made dinner and after we stuffed ourselves we decided we wanted sugar cookies topped with her famous chocolate icing! HA!! So yummy!! She sent the leftovers from dinner home with me and some of the cookies too.

You think she liked it?
She evidently needed a bath after that so I gave her a bath and got her ready for bed. This little girl has a lot of energy and WORE ME OUT that day!! I looked at her mom and was like "isn't it close to bedtime yet?" HAHAHAHA!!! She thought that was so funny! What am I gonna do when I finally have kids of my own? So after she put the kids to bed we watched a movie on lifetime....I was asleep in the first 1/2 hour I think! It was a great day!! Thanks Brooke!!
I was awake at 3am or so because of a storm coming in! We needed the rain I guess but it made it even more humid outside than what it already was! I just lounged around for most of the morning and then made myself a sandwich for lunch and cleaned my bathroom. It's so gross how dirty a bathroom gets with make-up, hair and hairspray! I knew I was gonna have to study when I got home from the shower so I watched a movie and then got ready for a baby shower for my friend Laryssa!

Laryssa, Brooke, Brenda & Susan

Brooke said I had to do "the pose"

Laryssa & I

The shower was so much fun. She got lots of stuff for baby Tenley and Brooke did a great job on the food and decorations! I had to run some errands on the way home so I left not to long after she opened gifts. I got home and did a practice test and now I'm doing this. I really need to get off my butt and wash the dishes that are in the sink, iron and pack my bag for work tomorrow.....of course after I get caught up on everyone elses weekend post!

OH....I know last weekend I posted that I would be dress shopping with my sister for her wedding dress but I made a's this coming weekend! So next weekends post will be all about that I'm sure!!

Have a great week all!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Thursday

I think I'm going to start doing a "Random Thursday" post because I always do a weekend post and usually at least one more during the week and now I will have random thursday!

*So happy to have some days off work
*There are several movies coming out that I'm very excited to see
-Going the Distance
-Charlie St. Cloud
-Vampires Suck (even though I'm an huge Twilight fan, I think this will be very funny!)
*Had to go to Wal-Mart after work tonight and ran into some wonderful people who I never get to see anymore.....very happy about that!!
*I'm still waiting on my fall/winter edition 31 catalogs
*I've been lazy about going to the gym lately
*I've scheduled boards (prayers are welcome!)
*I have a TON of pictures uploaded to snapfish but haven't ordered any prints
*134 days till Christmas
*I'm pretty much ready for fall and hopefully watching some football
*I am so tired

Goodnight all!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday I got up and went to Body Pump then came home to shower and get ready to run some errands. After that I went to Goreville to lay out and swim with Niki. We then went back to her house and got ready to go out to eat with some friends. YUM, Tequila's!!!
Niki & I laughing.....surprise surprise!

Me, Niki & Carrie

Saturday I slept up and cleaned and just hung out around my apartment all day. I got my to-do list done pretty early and spent the rest of the day watching One Tree Hill season 5 (LOVE that show)! I went to bed pretty early so I could read and fall asleep that way!

Sunday I got up and went to church and ran to the store to get a card for Laryssa's baby shower this afternoon. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures! I did take a picture of my diaper cake I made for her gift. She has another shower next weekend so I will take pictures then. I am so excited to meet Miss Tenley Brooke!!

Cute....but it looks a little crooked! HA!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! Next weekend is wedding dress shopping for my little sister Lindsay!!! Very excited!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trying "the poof"

I follow Jennifer and she had a post last December I think about how her sister Jill does her poof. She video taped it and posted it and I have been trying it the past couple of days. My sister, Lindsay told me about it so when I tried it the other day I sent these pictures to here and she said I should post it and I thought, why not! The pictures are from my blackberry so they're small but you can see what I'm talking about.....I'm pretty happy with the results, although I had it looking better last saturday! It's a work in progress!

After the tease......

After I tamed it.....

Look at that heighth! HAHA! Love it!!!
I'm gonna keep trying it and as it grows longer I'm gonna try the pony tail like in the video that was posted. It takes forever for me to grow my hair out and I usually don't like it long but the wedding next May is gonna be worth it!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stressed with a capitol S

I really thought that when I finally finished nursing school I would have a lot less stress in my life...........but I was wrong, very wrong!! I know all of this stress is just the fact that I failed my boards the first time and I have to retake them, which is definitely more nerve racking than it was the first time. I'm not looking forward to it at all......hence the stress!!! And I'm sure that is where my headaches have been coming from day after day after day. I have headaches practically everyday anyways but these have been horrible and I'm hoping when the stress of taking boards is done the headaches will go as well!

I'll keep you updated....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Another weekend gone......another month ended.....can't believe it's already August!!

I already blogged about Friday so this will just be Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday I went to a jewelry party at Brooke's and took some of these adorable pictures!! It was a great time catching up with some friends that I don't get to see often enough!

Brooke & I


Kelley Jo wanting my camera

After Kelley Jo and I took this picture she figured out how to do it and was going around taking pictures (very close up pictures) of herself and anybody else that would pose for her! Too cute!!

Wanting my camera again....look at that sweet smile!!
Sunday started off great!! I went to church, to my church, the church that I joined with someone I thought I was going to marry. We joined together and since the day I left him I hadn't been back. He told me how he was going back and blah blah blah (he stopped going with me long before I left). I don't know why I even thought he was telling me the truth. So after I read one of the posts on Kelly it really made me think about my reasons for not going to church. Anyway, I decided I could go back because I wanted to! I had been gone for a long time and I was happy to be back.
As for the rest of the day, not so good.......of course I got a headache (surprise, surprise). I would rather have one today then the next 4 days at work but I still had a lot of stuff to do today even though. I got all of them done.......although the house cleaning part was a quick job! I'll have to do better next weekend!!
Hope everyone has a great week!!