Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wedding Weekend Wrap-Up

I spent the day helping Brittany and everyone getting the reception hall ready for the wedding.  It was a lot of work but it was also a lot of fun! 
I was trying to keep these two entertained!!
Rehearsal time!
The soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Runge
We then went to the rehearsal dinner.  It was at a pizza place and it was so good.  I went home to change clothes, then met some friends for a drink.  We hung out for a while then I headed home so I could get some sleep.
I got up around 9 and should have just started getting ready then!!  I didn't and then I was rushing around trying to get ready and get to the church.
It was Dr. Walker's birthday so we all wore our shirts!
"We'll continue making the donuts."
Me and the BFF (blurry of course)
Brittany forgot to go to the bathroom before putting the dress on and it took 3 of them to help her!
So many ruffles!!
Love this one!!
Selfie with the Bride!!
Niki, Brittany & I
Love this!!

Loved the head table! 
A little bit sweaty... 
We just wanted a decent picture!!  This will just have to work! 
Wish I would've focused this one! 
It was so so so hot out there on the dance floor and the Bride just wanted to cool off!!
It was a beautiful wedding and I'm so happy for the two of them!!  We all had such a good time and danced the night away!!
I slept in and just lounged around for a bit.  I talked to Niki and went down there to help them around the new house.  We painted for a little bit then went back to there house and had dinner and watched some Sons of Anarchy.  I came home and finished up some laundry.  Working tomorrow is gonna be rough!!  It was such a great weekend!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was my only day off so I had to get my grass mowed.  I'm kinda over mowing grass, I kept thinking we would have a really hot summer and it would just die but no such luck.  I don't mind mowing as much as the darn bugs that try to attack me when I'm out there!  I then needed to run some errands (after a shower of course) and try to find a dress to wear to my friends wedding next weekend.  I had already looked on Thursday night and found one but I wasn't sold on it so I looked at Dillard's.  I tried on about a million but didn't like anything as much as the one I found the night before.  All well!  I headed down to Niki's after that and tried on the dress for her and she approved so I guess I will just wear it!  We ate some pizza then wanted to watch some more Sons of Anarchy.
Ryker wanted to watch Paw Patrol so Koko hooked him up with her iPad!
I did a bunch of nothing today but watch Friday Night Lights and play on my iPad.  I was planning on going to body pump this morning but didn't set my alarm because I normally wake up in time.  This morning I slept till almost 9!  I guess I was tired.  I ended up going down to Niki's again to eat dinner and we watched The Heat.  Even though I had already seen it, it was still hilarious!!!
I spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, dishes and cooking some food for the work week.  I washed bed sheets today and also my duvet cover and there should really be an easier way of getting my down comforter back into the stupid duvet!  I broke a sweat just doing that!!    So excited for this coming's John and Brittany's Wedding!!!!  Be ready for picture overload!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

I got up and ran some errands before heading to Evansville.  I needed to get my oil changed and then needed to get gas.  Niki called, so I ended up meeting up with her and running some errands with her.  I got home around 3:45 and went to meet my sister at the mall then went back to her house to hang out.  We ran to Target and then to Dairy Queen to see my oldest niece and get some ice cream.  We were both so tired and slap happy, we were mispronouncing names of places we were driving by and we thought it was hilarious!!  My youngest niece was with us and probably thought we were nuts!
I got up and went to TJMaxx because someone I follow on IG posted about some shoes being there and I wanted to check it out.  Well, of course, they weren't at this TJMaxx but I did find a new crossbody Coach purse that I had been wanting!  I call that a win!  I got home and started getting ready for the family reunion.

I have sleepy eyes and sad hair...I blame it on the humidity

I just love her!!  I have the best nieces ever!
Me and My cute 82 year old Grandma!!

The first generation at the reunion
They took a HUGE family picture and I'm hoping someone will post it on facebook so I can have it.  It was such a good time.  We went back to Michelle's for a little bit and we were both very lame and fell asleep on the couches by a little after 9.  And we wonder why we are both not married!!  HA!!  I got up and went home to my parents playing cards with some friends.  I ate a piece of pie, drank a cup of coffee and talked to them for a little bit then had to go to bed.
I got up, ate breakfast with Mom then got my stuff together to head home.  I got groceries on my way home and then proceeded to watch way to many episodes of Friday Night Lights on Netflix.  I finally got up and finished laundry, made dinner, did dishes and then got stuff together for work. 

Brittany's Bachelorette Weekend

I did a few things around the house and then mowed grass.  I went to hang out with Niki that afternoon.  She is doing a bootcamp right now and I did her friday workout with her and it was a good calorie burn!!  We hung out that night and watched some Sons of Anarchy and did each others nails for the weekend.
I got up and went to body pump at the gym then came home to get ready.  We were planning on leaving around 12:30 but to get 14 girls ready to go at the same time is not easy!  We had a blast on the way down there and even made 2 "music videos" which are hilarious!!  We all got checked in to the hotel and decided to start getting ready to leave. 
Rachel, Brooke, Charleen & Kristen 
Brooke, Me, Rachel, Kristen, Niki & Charleen

Niki & I

Brittany's Drinking Team
My BFF & I
Kristen, Rachel & I at dinner
It's a Charleen sandwich!
Dancing on the bar at coyote ugly
Dick's Last Resort
Who ya gonna call??
After getting in really early this morning, we got up and ate some breakfast then headed back to IL.  We had such a good time and the ride home was much quieter than the ride there!  We got back to Niki's and took a nap then I headed home to do laundry and get ready for the work week.