Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The weather and work is ....


I like working all this overtime that is coming available but it keeps me from having a day off and so I'm not able to run outside b/c it's dark when I get home.

Then the weather is cold, sleety, snowy and rainy....not conditions I want to be running in!!

I think I'll go back to tanning and working out there....inside and I get to tan! I think that's much better than dealing with the weather outside! And I can either go after work if I work day shift or before work if I work my regular shift! It's sounding better and better!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Could I become a runner?

So I found this girls blog and one of her posts was about running, a "how to" sort of blog. So I wrote it down and I'm gonna try it!!

This started b/c, of course, I can't seem to lose this weight I keep gaining b/c I'm not exercising in any way. I wanted to join the gym but $44.99 a month after signing a 2 year contract is not something I can do right now. I wish that I could join so I can go to the classes but right now I can't so......running it is!! Free and gets me outside....the only thing is it's still rather COLD and if it isn't cold it has been raining......let's hope the weather gets nicer soon and I can try this 10 week running thing!! I would like to lose 15 lbs. I can do it!! It seems attainable, right?

Wish me luck!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Bachelor

So I want to be on The Bachelor.....which picture do you think I should send out of the 2 above?? HAHA!!! Anyway, I really do and several people told me I should. I told them that I would have to look much better in a bathing suit than I do now so hopefully by the time vacation gets here I will look AWESOME in a bathing suit and I can send some pictures in!! I know that sounds hilarious but hey a girl can dream can't she!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Forgetting my age....

Yes, I am forgetting how old I am....I keep thinking 28!! No, I'm only 27! I'm not trying to rush this year by any means but I keep thinking I'm 28!! Haha!! Anyway, it will be here soon enough I'm sure!!

So, we're supposed to be getting this "snow storm" tonight and you can definitely tell that by the crowds at Kroger and Walmart!! As I was talking to my mom this afternoon, she asked if I had food just in case the storm was bad....yep, sure do!! Bread, milk, eggs, cheese, peanut butter, frozen pizza!! I think that should at least not let me starve....haha! I really think it's funny that everybody says that they have to have bread, milk and those are the only things we eat when we get snowed in!! I guess they are just important!

If you haven't seen the movie Julia & Julie RENT IT!!! I really liked it!!

Random blog.....I know!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Some New Years Resolutions

1. Blog more often (reasonable)
2. Lose ?? pounds by vacation (any pounds lost would do)

3. Study more, procrastinate less (school wise that is)
4. More 31 parties (double hostess benefits this month.....wink wink)

5. Cook more at home (even if it is just for me!)

Ok so now that those are written out let's see how well they work out! It's been a long time since I have written so I will try to catch up now.

New years eve - Spent with friends and had a fabulous time!! We played just dance on the Wii, it was are some pictures from that!

Niki and I playing just dance on the wii.....hilarious!


I worked Christmas day, first time I have ever had to work on Christmas day. It didn't really feel like it was even a holiday. I read almost an entire book at work that day!! Christmas eve and Christmas eve eve I got to spend at home with my family. It was really nice!!

Annual Family Picture


The only final I had to take was on tuesday the 15th and I was so stressed about it!! It went very well for me and it should have because I studied my BUTT off for it!! I GOT A 95!!! YAY!! On to next (my last) semester.....the end is near!!!
The hospital Christmas party was the second weekend in December. We all had a really good time at the party and then went on to a bar across the road to dance and sing some karaoke. I also won a $100 at the party, I was so excited!!

Amy and I
Nikki & I

The weekend before that some of us girls from college (and high school) got together at Lacy and Jason Boling's new house for a get together that we are hopefully going to make an annual thing. We had a blast. It was myself, Lacy, Jason and Madelyn, Lindsay and Danielle, Sara and Jon Watson and their 2 boys Grant and Wes.

The Girls

We had so much fun taking these "family" pictures!!

I got to go home for Thanksgiving also. It was great!! I came back home that night because I had to work the next day.

Well, that was a little short catch up on the end of my 2009! I am ready to move on to 2010!! I would have put more pictures on here but it is a really big pain having to move them all the time and then fixing all the rest of my blog!