Saturday, August 22, 2009

I passed boards!!!


I was rather nervous because the minimum amount of questions the computer will give you is 85 so as I was hoping I would just go a little over that and be good. Well, the computer shut off at 85 so I was freaking out, I thought for sure I had failed. Come to find out most people who get 85 had passed and that's all the computer needed me to take. I had a job interview on thursday and I have another interview tuesday. I'll let you know how they go!

Also, pictures of the apt are still to come...I just shampooed carpets so I should be able to get my furniture now and I am still needing to put up different shelving in my closet in my bedroom before that room can be organized. It is coming together though!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I got an......

APARTMENT!!! Yeah!!! I hope this isn't premature b/c she hasn't actually called yet to tell me when I can move in but hopefully it will be tomorrow! I am so so so excited to have my own place! Don't get me wrong I 100% appreciate Mike and Niki for letting me stay with them all summer (way longer than what we were both expecting) but I am so ready to have my own place! Let me tell you, living out of your duffel bags is rough, although I was very lucky to have a closet to hang up my clothes. I am so excited to have a dresser again and I will be able to put my makeup on the counter in my bathroom (although I don't think it actually has a counter, pretty much just a sink) but all well I don't will be mine!! As soon as I get in and settled I will post some pictures...its small so there will just be a few...haha! I don't care, I am SO EXCITED!!

Dawson & I

It is coming just in time too. I start back to school August 20th. I just have to go one day a week so it's not gonna be that bad. I also scheduled my boards for next wednesday at 2:00 so keep your fingers crossed please! I am starting the studying tonight. I'll let you know how it goes!

Michelle, Lindsay & I at the hospital for Holly's birthday!

So, for an update on Heather. She is improving everyday. They are wanting her to be able to swallow well so they can take the trach out. They are giving her different medications to help her wake up some more and one of the meds she is getting is making her have an allergic reaction so they are giving her benadryl for that. I think that is kinda funny b/c benadryl knocks most people out and they are giving her something to help wake her up! Sounds like they are doing things that are counteracting! Everybody keep's working!