Monday, August 29, 2011


As I'm watching Sex & the City (again) it makes me think about getting rid of the blonde....although my head doesn't need to be in the witness protection program like Carrie

I googled the correct usage when spelling blonde/blond....interesting....I like it better with the E on the end even if it's wrong

I'm pretty sure window air conditioning is almost as inconvenient as not having air conditioning!

Hated the fact that I walked into a store today and couldn't find one thing I like.....sad because it's one of my favorite stores to shop at :(

I was very disappointed when I had to watch my legs jiggle in the mirror tonight at my bodystep class at the gym....note to self, don't where anything but capris/pants to workout again!

So happy my new otterbox came in the mail today and UPS also brought me new 31 catalogs....I'm lovin' the new fall patterns!!

I'm so excited for my friends surprise 30th birthday party this weekend!

I found a One Tree Hill blog today

I feel like I'm friends with some of my favorite TV people (you know actresses, reality people) through Twitter....crazy, I know

I need Nicholas Sparks to come out with a new book.....PRONTO

The worst part about finishing a book is the fact that it's over and you have to start a new one, all over again

I'm so ready for more inconvenient window A/C

One of the guys I work with at the restaurant and I were talking today about how many people don't like to do laundry....and probably don't even have to leave their house to do it...I bet they would hate it more if they had to pack up every time!!  I'm going to love doing laundry when I move!!

And the fact that I'll have a garage too!!

And definitely central heating and more inconvenient A/C!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

So I get off work Friday morning a lot later than I usually do and knew I needed to sleep but just wasn't able to right away so I texted my friend John to see if he wanted to eat sushi with me for lunch.  So I met him a little after 11 then ran to Target to return a bra that I thought fit but decided it didn't fit once I got home.  (Story of my life when it comes to bras)  I also needed an alarm clock but didn't have the one that I wanted at Target so I thought since I was out I would run by Target and see if they had one I liked.  I ran into my friend Brooke and her little girl so I walked around with her.  I ended up getting home around 2 and layed down on the couch to sleep for a little bit.  I set my alarm so I didn't sleep all evening and then not be able to sleep that night.  After I got up I went to hang out with some girlfriends, ate some pizza, had a few drinks and some good conversation. 

The fact that I sleep in late every day now is starting to annoy me!  I know the reason why I'm sleeping in late is because I'm going to bed late and that's because I work's crazy annoying!!  All well, nothing I can do about it right now.  I hung out around my apartment and straightened up then got ready for work. 

Came home after a good night of work and went straight to bed.  I set my alarm but ended up turning it off and slept a few more hours.  I got up finally and went to the gym and ran then did some abs and arms.  I'm definitely on a mission this week to stick to my gym routine and eating better.  I fall off the wagon so often that I figure all I can do is just keep trying and getting back on!! 
I'm so ready for fall!!  The cooler weather, the bonfires, chili, scarves, all the good TV that's getting ready to start back up!!  So, are ya'll ready for all things fall??
(Next week I promise I will have pictures....It's going to be a good weekend)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pinteresting Wednesday

$12.95 at Amazon, multiple colors
I wish I could accept this!

Cute and comfy.
Oh how I wish I could find every piece of this!

If only I remembered this every time

have to try this trick...How to use a business card to bounce light up to create a nice overall illumination, while some of the light penetrates directly through the card, disperses and lights   the subject from the front.
Gonna have to try this!

Love!! One day perhaps
WOW!!!  So smart!!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was raining when I got off work this morning so I stopped by Kroger and got Starbucks!  I had to get a few groceries anyways and a white chocolate mocha sounded amazing and it was!!  I slept on the couch for a few hours and then went to the gym and ran some other errands.  I talked to Niki that afternoon and went down to her house to have a few drinks and hang out.  We ended up watching a movie, I think it was called "She's Out of Your League"??  It was cute and I only slept through the first 30 minutes or so.  I can barely ever make it through an entire movie, it's like my body realizes I'm watching a movie and it falls asleep! 
I had set my alarm so I wouldn't sleep the day away but I turned it off.  I still got up at a decent time and cleaned my bathroom and did my dishes and cleaned the kitchen.  Then I went to the gym (keeping up with one of my August goals...YAY ME!!)  Once I got home, I sat on the couch and put in a movie that I had gotten in the mail.  I watched Gullivers Travels first and it was pretty funny.  Then I watched The King's Speech and fell asleep during it but watched most of it and liked it.  I wanted to do something that night but didn't make any plans so I was a lazy bum and spent the night watching One Tree Hill.  I know, I'm never gonna get married watching TV by myself on a Saturday night!  HA!
Got up, drank my coffee, did some laundry, made some lunch then layed down for a little bit so I could work all night.

I'm kinda ready for fall...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I didn't do much of anything all day and then worked that night.
I slept in that morning then went to the gym and then got a few groceries.  I had plans to meet Runge to get some sushi because we have been trying to have a sushi date for weeks now but we ended up not getting it.  Niki called because they were going out to eat with some other friends of ours so we decided to go with them instead....and since it was one of the couples wedding anniversary they got to pick where to eat.  They picked Chili's although most of us were hoping for sushi!!  HA!!  We had a really fun night, plenty of laughs!!  We might have even started trying to plan our Halloween costumes for the big halloween party!!

Niki & I 
Runge & I
Niki, Me, Beth & Stefanie 
Mike & Niki 
Bathroom pic! 
All girl bathroom mirror pic!  HA!


After a pretty late night I got up early to drive home for a birthday party for my stepdad and my sister. My mom was making lasagna and 2 kinds of dessert!! I hadn't been home since Memorial day weekend so my sisters and I had LOTS to talk about even though we talk on the phone, it's different when you're actually talking face to face. We also had a funeral to go to that afternoon but I wanted some pictures taken of me and my sisters before so we went outside and mom took some. I was NOT thrilled with how I look in these pictures so I will only be posting 1.  I took a nice long nap after we went to the visitation and then hung out with my nieces until we had to take them home.  We went by this yogurt place called Sweet CeCe's and it was very yummy!  I had a picture of it but posting pictures right now is giving me lots of problems!  At least I've finally found a place to resize them easily!
Singing Happy Birthday to Gerry 
Blowing out her candle 
Bad picture I know...just imagine what the other ones look like! 
Ty's eyes were squinty in almost all of the pictures! 
Love them!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Resizing pictures....HELP!!

I'm having a hard time finding a website to resize pictures and then upload them to blogger EASILY!!  I don't want to have to go thru a million steps to get them back on blogger.  Please help me if you have figured out an easy way.  I tried Flickr and it was easy but once I got them in a post they were teeny tiny and it wouldn't let me make them bigger.  I tried tinypic as well but didn't like it at all!!  I'm gonna keep looking on google for help and see how far that gets me!

Monday, August 8, 2011

iPhone Picture Dump

I just realized I'd never downloaded my iPhone pictures to my computer, hence the picture dump!  There are a ton more but not all were needing to be documented on the ol' blog!  ENJOY!
Wedding hair for Lindsay's big day! 
Elly's car in about 14 years! 
Michelle & I laying out on Memorial Day...we sent this picture to Lindsay trying to make her jealous that we were laying out by the pool and she wasn't! 
Sushi!!  Hopefully be eating this Friday! 
Dawson wanted me to take this picture.....check out his face!  I'm thinking he was a little scared! 
A friend of mine is wanting a jeep so I sent him this picture one day after work, it was parked right next to me!  Pretty nice if you ask me! 
Dawson going for a ride with Uncle Eddy 
Laryssa and I!! 
Curly hair self portrait 
Starbucks after Venture River, then Olive Garden, then good! 
Kelley Jo and I before dinner one night

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I spent the day cleaning my house since I had to work the next several days.  It rained quite a bit today too which was actually nice because it's been so hot!!  I had plans to hang out with Andi, Laryssa and Tenley later that day.  They came and picked me up around 5 and we went to get something to eat at Bennie's then went back to Andi's house to hang out for a little bit.  Laryssa brought me home on her way home and I really wanted to go out but nobody was doing anything!  All well, maybe next weekend.

I slept off and on all day because I had to go to work that night. 

Came home and went to sleep but didn't sleep very well.  I got up way to early and will probably be paying for it tonight when I have to work all night.  Hopefully I will sleep better tomorrow since I have to work tomorrow night too!  My schedule this week is all messed up so I'm just hoping to be able to sleep well and get through the week!

(I'm getting tired of boring weekend posts....)

Next......iPhone picture dump!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Remember these guys.....

Well today I met my BFF's mom (my Mom away from home) and her boys at the movie theater to see the new Smurfs movie and let me just tell you how CUTE it was!!!  Also, Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser) and Jayma Mays (Glee) are great!!  I was a huge Doogie Howser fan and love Glee so I was so excited to see that they were both in this movie.  I remember watching Smurfs as a kid but couldn't remember much about it but as soon as the movie started it came back.  It had some very funny parts, one really disgusting part and some cutesy, lovey parts!!  Pretty much my favorite kind of movie, minus the disgusting part!!  I recommend it to everybody!!  OH....and I could not get over how packed the theater was!!  I guess since it's so hot outside and the fact that it was $5 Tuesday and free popcorn everybody wanted to come.  People were even sitting on the floor in the back of the theater because there weren't anymore seats, I didn't think they could sell anymore tickets than there are seats!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

August Goals

Some goals for August, in no particular order
1.  Stick to my gym routine I've written in my calendar
2.  Finished reading my book and start another
3.  Lunch dates with friends before they go back to school and work
4.  SWIM
5.  Organize my kitchen and living room
6.  Blog more! (vague, I know)
7.  Continue to stay out of the tanning bed
8.  Go home to see my family