Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Dawson & I at the carwash
I spent the day shopping with Niki & the boys.  We had lunch too!!  We went to Dawson's ball game that night then had pizza and blizzards for supper.  We were all ready to crash that night!!
I got up and did some shopping.  I had been wanting some dresses that I could wear casual or dress up if I needed to.  I find a cute black one, a coral one and a strapless green one with a design on it.  I also got some cute new flip flop sandals and Maurices's was having a really good sale on jewelry and I stocked up!!!  Later on that night I met some friends out.

Jill & I
Andrea & I
I was so excited about the concert tonight that I didn't even sleep as late as I wanted to.  I called Niki and talked to her for a while and we decided what we were going to wear.  (Just like in middle school when you used to call your friends to pick out your outfit for the next day....well 20 years later and we still do it!)  I got up and got ready then headed down to Niki's to get her.  She was finishing getting ready and I still hadn't decided what jewelry to wear.  Then we were on our way!!!  Package tour here we come!!!

Niki & I on our way
Love me some Boyz II Men
Shanna, Kristen, Rachel, Niki & I
Boyz II Men
New Kids on the Block
(All I brought with me was my iPhone so that's why all the pictures are so blurry)
I have to say it was the BEST CONCERT I have ever been to!!  They all 3 put on an amazing show and I would totally go see them again tomorrow if I could.  Boyz II Men were definitely my favorite!!  I sang every single song they sang.  When they all stood up there in a row and the music came on for "It's so hard to say goodbye", Niki lost it and then I did.  We never thought it would be that hard to listen to a song but it was.  I can't believe it's already his birthday month, I still think of Chad every day and miss him like crazy.  When I was driving home the night of my birthday, I got in the car and "Over you" by Miranda Lambert was on, then it was "See you again" by Carrie Underwood.  I cried and then I totally knew it was Chad!!
It was a fun filled birthday weekend!!!  I can't believe it's already July!!