Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

I met my friend Brooke for lunch today at McAlister's.  We hadn't gotten to hang out in a while and we spent a good hour there just talking and catching up.  It was so great.
I had a hair appointment that afternoon but I wasn't written down in her book and we had to reschedule it for next week.  I went back to my house to pack up and head to Evansville for the weekend.  I went with my parents to a high school football game.

#7 is my nieces boyfriend

It was really fun to be there and talk with my niece through the whole game.  They didn't win but we had a good time anyway. 
I got up early, had coffee with mom then headed out to try to find something to wear to one of my best friends baby shower we were having for she and her husband that night.  I found 2 at Kohl's and it was actually pretty easy.  I'm usually not that lucky!  I got my nails done and picked up a last minute gift then headed home to get ready.  Lindsay and Ty were coming over before so we could go to the shower together, then Michelle, Kelsey and Maddie came over also to give me my senior picture of Kelsey.
Some of the best friends a girl can have! 
My gorgeous little sister!! 
Loved this cake!! 
Proud Parents 
I won a prize!!!
I went over to my sisters house to practice on Kelsey's hair for homecoming.  I stayed there for a little bit but was getting tired and knew I needed to get home.  I came home and was supposed to mow my grass but was too tired!!  I did some laundry, made potato soup and then got my stuff ready for work this week.