Monday, August 3, 2015

Sisters Weekend

We spent the weekend in TN at our sister Katie's house.  We had been trying to do a sister's weekend at her house for months and we were finally able to do it.  We got there on Friday and did a little shopping at Opry Mills mall.  We then went to Katie's and tried to beat rush hour traffic....tried being the operative word there.  I'm sure it would have been a lot worse had it been 5 o'clock but it was bad enough at 3!  We hung out for a little bit then went to eat at 5 Guys and then headed back to the house and played Cards against Humanity.  It was hilarious!!!
On Saturday we all got up and started getting ready.  Lindsay and Cruz got there a little before 10 and then we all headed out for lunch at the Puffy Muffin.  

Making sure my selfie stick was working...HA!
All of us before heading out to lunch!
My lunch was so yummy!!
We did a little more shopping and found these fabulous crowns!!  Even Cruz was a little prince!

Katie & Nate headed to the masquerade ball!!
We came home after because the boys were done with shopping!  We all got comfy clothes on and hung out in the living room.  Katie & I started watching YouTube videos and couldn't get enough!  It was so funny!!  Me, Katie and Michelle ended up getting facial peels.  Lindsay couldn't because she's still nursing and she was the one who brought up the whole idea.  So we got our peels and then got back on YouTube to learn how to do the Whip & Nae Nae!!  This lead to all kinds of videos and then before too long we were all starving!!  We ate dinner and played a game of Taboo and then everybody was so tired, we all went to bed.  

Sunday we all got up and started packing our things up to head home. 
This little stinker saw that phone and his little smile just disappeared
I got a little sneak of one!!
I sent this picture to them all when we got home.  This was a little (big) pastry I got at the Puffy Muffin yesterday.  It was so delicious!!  I'm glad Lindsay ate a little part off it...that thing was huge!! I spent the rest of my day writing a paper.  It was such a great weekend!! Can't wait till we can do it again.  Love you girls!!



Love you too!! So much fun! And you're welcome for eating part of the cinnamon roll. :)