Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Danielle & Jeremiah's Wedding {Part 1}

So one of my best friends since middle school got married last weekend and I took a ton of pictures!  These next couple of post will be pictures from the wedding.  {It's going to be several posts because resizing pictures gets tiring and I'm in the middle of working my stretch this week}
Saturday morning, we were all up by 6am and ready to get the day started.  I had one of the earlier hair appointment times so I left around 6:30 to head back to my parents to get ready before my hair appointment.  I was so excited about getting my hair done because I love big hair and I was planning on getting it!!  I'm pretty sure I succeeded!!

Love these edible arrangements!!
My hair done, waiting for Danielle to get her done 
Lindsay & I all dolled up!
Madelyn after getting her hair done.  She wasn't thrilled to be sitting in the chair and was a little overwhelmed when she first got there.  She was a trooper though and her Momma got her settled and used just the right words to get her to do it!!   
Loved her hair!! 
Riding in the car, trying to get the bride home to get dressed and ready for pictures!
Oh that girl!!  Gorgeous!! 
Me & that little precious girl!! 
Joy & I
Of course, with the skinny arm 
Getting laced up 
Sarah & I on the bus heading to take pictures
(It took me 2 days to get this post done because uploading pictures is not going quickly....)



Wenni Donna

Your hair looks fabulous! Best friend weddings are the only wedding you are majorly excited for even more than your own. So for my best friend’s wedding, I have shortlisted some of the wedding venues for her and I can’t wait to get all dressed up. Looking forward to more of your friend’s wedding photographs.