Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I spent the day running around all day in the crazy wind!!  I shopped a little at Target and got some cute, cute things....
Women's Mossimo® Ona Ballet Flat - Blush
like these leopard flats
(that are now on sale so I'm sure I will be getting an adjustment!)
  Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Shawl Cardigan - Assorted Colors         
and this cute toggle button sweater....although I thought it looked much better on than it does in this picture!
I wore a cute outfit too but I didn't take a picture and polyvore doesn't have everything I wore and can't find close enough matches!  HA!!  I know better than to not take a picture!!  All well, I will know better next time.  I went and had some stitches taken out from getting a cyst cut out last Friday and I'm so glad it looks good.  I was so worried about having a big, ugly scar but, my Dr. totally came through with my referral.  She sent me to a PA who used to work for a plastic surgeon but now works for an ear, nose and throat doctor.  Also, the pathology report came back totally negative!!  YAY!!!  Brooke and I went to a friends Grandma's visitation and then went to eat dinner.  I hung out with Josh after that for a little while.
I got up and worked at the restaurant till about 2 then headed home to nap before going out that night.  I didn't nap because I put in the movie Dolphin Tale and couldn't stop watching it (or crying from it) so I did not sleep. I listened to the new Taylor Swift cd (no I'm not 15...) the whole time I was getting ready and I LOVE IT!!  We all met at BWW to eat and then went to a local bar where there were plenty of ridiculous halloween costumes to see!  We all had a really good time!!
I slept in late and got up to do some housework.  I have to do it in little bits and pieces or otherwise it just keeps being put off.  I've never claimed to be a good housekeeper...(sorry Mom, I wish I took after you).  I went to get groceries then headed down to my BFF's moms house.  Her boys were carving pumpkins and I snuggled the baby boy. 
Have to say it was a darn good weekend!!