Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Social

Sunday Social
I'm linking up with Neely & Ashley for another Sunday Social!!
1.  Do you plan to change any of your eating habits in the new year?
Of course, doesn't everybody!  I plan on eating more clean.  This is going to be the BIGGEST CHALLENGE for me!  I love candy, sweets, fast food and pretty much every thing else that is bad for you!!
2.  Any workout tips to get us back in shape after the holidays?
Make a schedule and stick to it!!
( I need to listen to this)
3.  What is your favorite thing you did over the holidays?
I got to go to every party I was invited to and spend all of my time with my family!!
4.  What is something that you hope you accomplish in 2013 that you didn't in 2012?
Build up my savings.  I paid off my credit card debt last year, so now I need to build up my savings!
5.  Name 3 things happening this year you are excited about and why?
{1} Buying a new car (possibly)
{2} Going back to school (possibly)
{3} I guess this one with just have to be a surprise!
Next weeks questions:
1. What is the name of your blog? How long have you been blogging?
2. Why do you blog?
3. What is the first blog you ever followed?
4. What is your favorite post you wrote in 2012?
5. What are your blogging goals for 2013?
6. Name your top 3 favorite blogs



What are you thinking of going back to school for?

Meg {henninglove}

i saw your profile pic and had to come over because i love that orange sweater from target. it looks beautiful on you!