Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

I got up way early so I could be at the restaurant at 5am to open.  I had gotten a spray tan the night before and didn't want to take a shower yet because it hadn't been done for 12 hours yet.  I did go ahead and wash my face before I put makeup on but it didn't really help, my face got darker and darker as the day went on.  All the old men kept asking me if I had gone to Jamaica or the Bahamas and I kept having to tell them it was a spray tan....they then said oh....they had no idea what I was talking about!!  HA!!  It was actually pretty funny but I was tired of answering the question by the end of the day.  I came home and showered and felt a million times better.  I ran to Target to get some things and was so happy to remember it was half price frappuccino hours from 3-5 and I was just in time!!  I got the new caramel crunch and it was so good!!! 

I then went to Maurices to look around and I'm so glad I did, they had a sweater on clearance that I had been wanting but never could find and also some shoes that I wanted but they were sold out of.  I'm guessing someone returned the shoes because they were the only ones and in my size!!  It was a good shopping day!!  I came home and got ready to go to dinner with a guy I'm dating-we'll call him T.  We went to Fujiyama, his choice and I was so glad that's where he picked.  He had told me about how he didn't like sushi.  I told him he probably just hadn't had the right one, I ordered my favorite and he loved it!!  Loved it so much, he ate more of it than I did!!!  Success!!  We ate dinner and then hung out at my house and just watched a movie.  He left after the movie and then I went to bed because I had to be up early for work the next morning.
I worked form 6-2 then went to Goreville for a birthday party.  It was not raining but still cold and it was at the park.  He had so much fun with his friends and it was such good cake!!  I stayed to help clean up and load up the cars then headed back home to take a shower so I could go to T's house.  He was cooking dinner!!
I got up early and then ended up taking a long nap on the couch.  I wanted to run to the mall to look at some jeans and bathing suits but slept too long.  I talked to T and he needed to run to get a birthday present for his nephew so we ran to town to do that and then went to BWW to eat dinner.  We came back to his house to hang out. 
I posted this picture on Instagram and the questions immediately started....I haven't answered any yet but did get a text from my mom about how I needed to fill my sister in!!  It was a great weekend!!!



I think I figured out who the other hand belongs to :) Well okay, maybe now that you are calling this person "T" I figured it out. I too was like KRYSTAL you need to spill the beans when I seen it on Instagram.