Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

So this was actually Thursday morning after I went to the orthodontist and had my attachments removed from wearing Invisalign.  It's a bad picture but I was so excited to have them off!!
I worked at the restaurant all day then went to try to find something to wear to a party I have on Saturday night.  I did find a dress but wasn't set on it.  I then went to Niki's to put out all my garage sale stuff for tomorrow.  I met T at his house and we were going to go out to dinner but it was late and we weren't really hungry because we both ate lunch late.  We ended up going to hang out with my friend Jessica and her boyfriend Ben.  We stayed way to late and were both exhausted when we got home. 
I got up and headed to get donuts before going to the garage sale.  It was the city wide yard sale and we had so many people come through.  We all sold a lot and made good money.  T & I had plans to take the boat out later that day so I was going to pack my stuff up a little early and go to his house.  He texted me about 9:30 and said he was going to play some golf and for me not to rush to get back to his house.  We both got there about the same time and changed to go out on the boat.  I was so excited and so was he!!
I sent this picture to my mom....she was a tad bit jealous I think! HA!!
(Hi Mom)
We were out there for just a few hours and it was so fun.  I am looking forward to many, many more weekends out there!  We went back to his house to get ready for a surprise party for my friend Deana. 
KJ & Elly 
Me with the Birthday Girl! 
Brooke, Deana & I 
KJ & I
Oh, and the big reveal of T...... 
All I wanted was a decent picture of the 2 of us and this is what I got.  He said he would take another one. 
This is what I got the second time, bless his heart, he's still smiling! 
The third and final time and I'm ok with it.  I wasn't going to make him stand up and pose in front of a bunch of people he doesn't know!  HA!! 
Brooke & Josey
So after that party, we went to our friend Eddy's house.  It was Eddy & Charleen's wedding that we met at.  They had a cookout/meet and greet since Runge and I both have started seeing someone!  We didn't stay long because we were both so tired from getting up early and running around all day long.
I slept great!!  We went to eat breakfast at a little cafe up town and then came back to get ready to go out on the boat again today. 
I posted this on Instagram and my sisters were wanting to know when they could come with us!  It was an even better day on the lake today.  We went to a cove and hung out for a little bit and sat on the back of the boat and put our feet in.  It ended up being really hot and the water was cold at first but we warmed up to it pretty quickly.  We used sunscreen but still got a little bit of sun. 
I was on call for work that night so we had to come off the water by 5 so I could go home and get ready just in case I got called in later.  I stopped at Redbox and got a movie, Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise, and brought it back over to his house.  We ate dinner then put the movie in and he was out before 9:00.  I watched the whole movie and it was actually pretty good.  I am so looking forward to Memorial Day weekend this weekend!!!  My niece is graduating 8th grade, I can't believe she is that old!!