Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

So, it's been snow day after snow day for the kids around here.  It makes me second guess my decision to work in a hospital, that's for sure....I kid, I kid!!  It was a grocery shopping day, so I met Niki out.  She had the boys and her mom with her, we divied up the kids and I got the middle one who has always been Koko's buddy. 
He likes taking selfies just as much as the next person.  (As you can see, he's looking at his own iPod instead of my phone) Don't mind the fact I have no neck!
We had some lunch and then finished shopping. He and I went on back to their house and waited for the rest of them to get there.  Niki and I hung out and decided there is never anything good on tv on Friday nights.  Once her husband got home we decided to watch Hangover III.  I usually don't like stupid funny movies but .....
with Bradley Cooper in it, I think I'll watch it just in case!!
I went to Dawson's basketball game since it was in my town I live in.  We went and had lunch then I came home to clean and do some laundry.  I decided to make some sangria for Niki and I to drink after the games.  My parents and nieces were visiting with my grandpa back at home and mom sent us this picture.   
Mom & Grandpa
I have been all kinds of obsessed with everything monogrammed lately.
These monogrammed pocket tees especially!!  Luckily, one of my best friends can do this for me!!  I was on pinterest for a while looking at all of these!!  I look over to the right of me and this is what I see....
Is he not the cutest darn thing??!!??
I met my friend Andrea this morning at her church to try it out.  It was awesome!!  I am definitely going back.  After that, I went to get a few groceries I didn't get the other day and I came right upon these...
Just what I was looking for!!  So excited to send these off to get monogrammed!!  And then somehow, these darn things jumped right into my cart.....YUUUUUMMMMM!!!!
Don't even try these unless you are prepared to eat the whole pack!!  I've heard the cookie dough ones are just as good!!