Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

I spent today and yesterday at a conference type meeting for work.  It was about passion for you job, workplace and coworkers.  I got a lot out of it and there were many tears shed also.  It was a great subject and I'm kind of glad they make it mandatory for all employees to go.  I would have gone no matter if it was mandatory or not!  After it was over, I headed on over to Evansville.  We had this weekend planned for prom dress shopping for a while.  Mom made a yummy supper and it was ready when I got there.  We watched Grey's Anatomy after that and an episode of American Idol and then I headed to bed.
I was awake early but stayed in bed just because I could.  I got up and got ready so we could leave by 10. 
Me, Maddie & Kelsey
Kelsey tried on several dresses at each place we went.  She didn't love any of them, although there were plenty that looked super cute on her.  She was such a good sport about trying dresses on we picked out for her even if she didn't like the way they looked on the hanger.  There was only one that I remember that none of us liked on her.  After we did that, we stopped and got ice cream then went to Lindsay's house to hang out for a while.  We played with the cats and did a little JustDance and it was time to head home. 
Michelle, Maddie & I decided to go to the mall for a little bit to find some new pants for Maddie.  Michelle and I went in to Dillard's and they just happened to be having a sale...extra 40% off already reduced prices.  We both got a new pair of shoes!!  I had been wanting a pair of booties all winter and I finally found some that I liked and wouldn't cost a fortune.  I love me a bargain!!  We got back to the house and I left again for a friend from high schools going away party.
Me, Amanda, Cory, Steph, & Danielle
We all left a little bit after that.  Maddie had left her tablet in my purse so I went by their house to drop it off.  I stayed for a little bit to play with the kitties and then headed home.
The bad weather had started sometime early this morning.  I got up around 7 and got my things together so I could drive home before it got any worse.  The roads in Indiana were worse than those in Illinois.  The rain/sleet stopped about halfway through my trip and when I needed my windshield wipers again they were frozen and were of no use.  I eventually made it home and this is what my car looked like....
It was so pretty and clean before this too!
It only took me about 30 minutes longer than normal to get back but I was so glad to be off the roads.  I didn't plan on going anywhere else till having to go to work on Tuesday!  I watched several episodes of the Good Wife and took a nap and not much else.  It was a lovely lazy day.
I may have even squeezed in a little online shopping!!