Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was such a gorgeous day!!  I loved having the sunroof open and the sun blazing in!!  I am so ready for warmer weather!! 
We had such a pretty day on Tuesday!! I was supposed to work a 4 hour shift for somebody right in the middle of the day but I ended up being on standby, I came home and sat outside and read a book then went to the complex behind my house and walked/ran for a little bit and came inside and saw tan lines!! So ready for some real sun and not the kind in a bottle! Anyway, I went to Niki's and then we did a little bit of running around. We watched Gravity later that night, I was so not impressed with that movie!
I got up and did a little shopping after stopping at Starbuck's first.  It was a really pretty day again so I washed my car while I was out too.
I saw a post on Facebook from a little boutique I follow and they posted about a sale they were having and I saw this dress...unfortunately it was too small.  I looked around but didn't find anything else I was that crazy about.  Of course, when I got home, they posted another dress that was so cute but I didn't see it when I was there!
I got home and got ready to get together with some friends.  I remember St. Patrick's Day weekend always being a fun time to go out and listen to music and dance.
Laryssa & I
Andrea & I at dinner
We had drinks and appetizers and then decided to go to a local bar hoping to hear some good music and dance.  The first place we went wouldn't play anything we requested and ended up telling us we should go somewhere else if we wanted to do "the wobble"....I mean, is it to much to ask to do a little wobble?!?  So we left there and went to another bar and they had a horrible band playing!  I'm sure they weren't horrible to people who like that kind of music but all we wanted to do was dance and that was not happening!  Some other people we knew were there so we all just hung out and talked until it was time to close.  We hardly ever get to go out anymore and all we wanted to do was dance and we didn't get to at all.  We decided next time we're just gonna hang out at somebody's house, drink wine, wear yoga pants and wobble!
The stupid bipolar weather we're having, I woke up to cold and raining.  It was icing by the time I got out of church and continued for a couple hours then switched to snow.  We ended up with just everything covered and it was done before it got dark.  Hopefully this is finally the last of the cold weather we're gonna have.  I need some nice weather so I can start on my new hobby....GOLF!!