Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Yesterday, my sister called to tell my that I had won something from Kiki La'Rue on Instagram!!!!  I was so excited!!  I enter to win stuff all the time and never get picked! 

This is the picture I commented on, I love that top!!

And this is the picture that told me I won!!
I had a hair appointment this morning.  I had been sick all this week and was finally starting to feel a little better.  I had been taking cold medicine around the clock the past couple of days.  I didn't feel bad when I woke up so I didn't take anything before I left my house, that was a mistake!  Luckily, I had put medicine in my purse and took some when I left there, I felt like it took forever to finally kick in.  I got my nails done that afternoon....
I came back home and tried to watch Grey's and Scandal since the storms on Thursday night had the news covering the weather for the 2 hours while those shows were on. 
I met my friend Andrea at her house so we could go eat for her birthday with some of her other friends.  We didn't take one single picture, I was so sad.  We went to eat sushi and came back to her house to drink some wine and talk.  We were the only two still awake and talking before we knew it!!
I got up and actually felt good for the first day all week!!  I went to the gym then went to get some groceries for the week.  After I got home, my sister facetimed me so I could see my oldest niece off to prom!!  I made them take a picture with me.....
They're so cute!!

Andrea was wanting to go to a local winery that night to listen to a guy that plays the guitar and sings, so I started getting ready so I could meet up with her.  It was supposed to be a group of people but it ended up being only us!!  We had so much fun!!
Chris Slone
Andrea & I
Rockin' my Kiki La'Rue
It was the last church service in our building today and it was such a good service!!  I had plans to go to lunch with Deana and Elly afterwards.  We went back to her house to hang out for a little bit and Elly got to show me some of her dances and gymnastics routines.  I came home to finish up my laundry and get things ready for my work week.