Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lindsay's Baby Shower Weekend

It was hair day and then it was time to head home for Lindsay's shower weekend!!  I can't believe it's already here.  We've only been planning it since September when we didn't even know boy or girl yet!!  We went ahead and had two ideas just in case.  I love love love the shower theme!!  I found one picture on Pinterest and ran with it!!  I wish I would have taken more pictures of it all!!  I met Michelle at the nail salon to get our nails done and then finally made it home.  I talked to mom for a little bit then had to go run some last minute errands.  Luckily the main roads were clear, the side roads on the other hand were awful still!  I made it just fine though, Michelle and I got all the last minute stuff done!  Lindsay came over after work to stay the night and she got there right after I got back.  Mom made dinner so we sat there and ate and talked.

We all got up pretty early and the weather was so nasty.  Rain on top of all this snow we already had was not good.  Some people were unable to drive in because of it but we still have a large turnout.

The cake

Lindsay and baby Cruz

Katie, Michelle, Lindsay, Me & Mom
Maddie, Katie, Michelle, Lindsay, Me, Mom & Kelsey
Danielle, Lindsay & Me
After the shower, my car was packed full!!!  
(What in the world is up with those bangs???)
I helped deliver all the gifts to Lindsay's house because not everything would fit in one car.  That baby sure is blessed by all our friends and family!!  We all can't wait to meet him!!  He is spoiled already!!  I didn't stay and hang out very long because the temperature was dropping and I was worried about the roads!  I made it home just fine and was completely exhausted!!  The driveway sucked also and I wasn't about to try to leave and have to drive back up there!!

We all went to YMCA Pancake days this morning for pancakes and sausage.  We came back, I loaded up my car and headed back to IL.  Now it's time for the Oscars!!!