Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

I wasn't planning on doing much today until tonight, but then I realized Dillard's was still having a good sale. Take an extra 40% off already marked down prices!!  I'm going to a masquerade themed charity ball in two weeks and I still needed to find a dress.  I tried on lots and finally found one!!  Can't wait to find a mask to put with it!  I met Niki earlier at Target and got a few things there and some makeup at Sally's. It was a good shopping day!!  
I came home and changed my clothes to meet J for dinner. We went to this place called Rare and it was so good!!!  We were getting ready to order and the waitress asked us if we were celebrating anything, we said no and that we just had never been there before and wanted to try it out!  Halfway through dinner he tells me that he won at bowling today!!  He was excited!  He had been on a losing streak since before we had started dating.  (He and his team at work all bowls with a little plastic bowling set every Friday for an old trophy and then he and his boss bowl each other for a dollar....he won the dollar this week!!). After we finished dinner, they asked us if we wanted dessert,I was stuffed but he wanted something.  He decided on the salted caramel cheesecake and it was so good!!!  I'm not a big fan of cheesecake but I love me some salted caramel!  We decided we were celebrating his win at bowling today!!
We then went to see the movie "Focus" that had come out that day.  It was very good!  After that, we went and had a drink.  Some random guy was there and started talking to him, when he got up to leave he stopped and talked to both of us.  He made me feel sorry for him, J thought he was maybe not being so truthful!!  Haha!!!  
I got up and went to the gym for spin class and then stayed for bootcamp with Amanda.  I but Ed over 1000 calories!  I felt great after it was over!!  I came home then went to Niki's to hang out and help some friends move into their new house.
Ryker stole my sunglasses out of my purse!
We were craving Mexican so bad, chips and salsa and cheese and margaritas....but it was late and we were looking like bums so we decided to do out own Mexican at home!!
YUM!!!!  It was so good too!!!  I couldn't hardly stay awake past 10 so I headed on home!
I had plans of doing laundry and reading my book all day...not much more, but when Niki told me about the Pentecost church having chicken and dumplings I decided to go down there and veg out with her!!  It was the perfect day to be lazy!  We are chickens and dumplings, I read my book, watched a movie, tried to take a nap but it didn't actually happen.  We watched the Sunday night shows and then I headed home to get ready for the work week!!