Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Since I already posted ahead of time what I was planning on doing on Friday I won't do it again but I will add another picture
Waiting for the movie to start after we just stuffed ourselves with sushi!  You can tell I'm a little burned from laying out by the pool all day.  It was a great day!!

Lindsay and I stayed at our parents house and woke up way to early so we decided to go to her gym for a strength/weight lifting class.  It was great but my calves have been sore ever since!!  I guess that's a good thing!  I thought Jillian was kicking my butt....that class kicked my butt more!!  It makes me want to get back in the gym and doing body pump.  I'm trying to work out at home so I can cancel my gym membership because I'm not going near enough to get my money's worth.  We came home and both took a little nap and then layed out for a few hours.  I mostly stayed in the shade except for my legs.  I'm pretty sure I got enough sun on my back, shoulders, arms and chest the day before.  After that we got ready and headed to the mall and some other places to do some shopping, although neither one of us really bought anything!  Then we ate at Chick Fil A!!  YUM!!

Today my grandparents had an open house for their 60th wedding anniversary.  They had a great turnout!
I mostly took pictures of this adorable little boy!!  He was so cute!!  It was such a great weekend and I hope the rest of my summer weekends are just as great!