Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I'm including Thursday in my weekend wrap-up because I was off work and had a fun day!!  I headed down to Niki's and first we worked out.  We did Kettle was great!!  I like to feel sore after I work out, it makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere and this did!!  Then we went to layout and swim for a little bit while her boys were hanging out at their cousins house.  We did more laying out than swimming because the rain made the pool pretty cold!  When she left to go get the boys I went over to another friends house to lay out in his pool but it was too cold and I was there by myself so instead I just washed his dishes and went home.  (He jokes with me about doing chores for him since I lay out in his pool while he's at work!  It's the least I can do!!)  When I got home I started looking at pictures from Lindsay & Ty's wedding!!!  The professional pictures were posted and they are AMAZING!!! I didn't get to finish looking at all 750+ of them when I had to leave to go help a friend work on her programs for her wedding next Saturday.  It was fun getting to hang out with the girls and eat pizza and cookies!!

I spent the day with Niki again but this time we went shopping and out to eat.  Ok, it was grocery shopping but it was still fun.  She's my best's what we do!!  We got caught in this torrential down pore but it didn't keep us from going to Maurice's to see what kind of sales they had!!  She dropped me off at home and I was drenched!!  I did a little cooking and cleaned up a little.  Niki called and said the boy's ballgames were cancelled and that they were gonna cookout and just hang out at home if I wanted to come down.  I did and we ended up watching "Just Go With It" after dinner and it was so funny!!

I woke up to it pouring rain outside.  Of course it was, I had a cookout/swim party to go to during the day and then a birthday party outside that evening!  It started to clear up so the cookout was still on.  The pool was still too cold for me but the kids didn't have any problem getting in!

We all had a good time and hopefully we can do it again soon and all enjoy the pool!!  I left around 4 to go to Elly's 2nd Birthday party.  Deana did a fabulous job with all the decorations and food.  Check out the amazing cake she made!!

It was a little hot at first but at least it wasn't raining!  It cooled off pretty quick, there was a breeze and the sun was going down behind the trees and we got some shade.  I stayed to help clean up a little bit then headed home to get ready for work the next day.  It was such a great weekend!!  I feel like I've been saying that a lot so far this summer...and I'm pretty happy about that!!!