Thursday, April 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

I can't believe I'm just now writing this but it's been a crazy week and this past weekend was so great, it has to be documented!!
I worked the night before so I came home to sleep for a few hours then I was up to shower and get a spray tan.  Loving my spray tans!!  I did that, then went to Niki's to meet up with her and take some decorations to the church for the wedding.  We decorated then both headed home to hurry up and get ready to be back at the church for rehearsal.  It was rough on me as well as the others.  Chad was supposed to be one of the groomsmen so they had a canvas made of his picture and had it on an stand.  I cried every time I looked at it and then when they started playing music, it was even worse.  We all finally made it through the rehearsal, ate dinner and headed home.  It was going to be a long day tomorrow. 
My day started early!  I got ready and headed to the church. 
Runge & I 
Niki & Ryker 
Kolby giving Tessa a kiss!! 
Such a good picture of Chad 
The groom and his sister 


Niki & I 
Eddy & his nephew Dawson 
Eddy & I dancing to a very special song.
It was the dollar dance and a new song happened to come on when we started dancing.  He started laughing and looked at me and said "You will never believe this....this is the song that my phone rang when Chad called me!"  I started balling and we danced the whole song.  Chad was there, I know it! 

Kristen & I 
Eddy, Niki, Charleen, Me & Kristen
It was the end of the night if you can't tell! 
Runge & I 
My BFF!!!! 
I have the greatest friends!!! 
After the reception was over, some of us went to a local bar and danced till we couldn't dance anymore!!  It was a great day!!  And yes, I caught the bouquet but haven't seen any pictures of me catching it yet!! This should not surprise anyone anymore!!
Recovery from yesterday!!