Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

My 4 year Blogiversary!!!
(Actually it was yesterday, but I didn't get this written in time to post before work)

I worked at the restaurant all day, ran a few errands after work then came home to pack for the weekend.  I headed down to Niki's to hang out with her.  We went to the school for PTA's bingo night.  I won several times, it was a lot of fun.  We came back to her house and finished getting our stuff together for the weekend.
We got up at 4am to head to St. Louis for the Color Run.  It was misting rain and in the 40's, we weren't very optimistic for it to be warm and sunny!  We slept a little in the car and were ready to go when we got there.  We were so cold though!!

Courtney, Niki, Me & Stefanie
Runge & I
We had on way too many layers!!
Lindsay & Anne made it!!
We 3 ran the whole thing and I was so excited, out of breath, but excited!!  We didn't take any pictures during but we took lots after...
Our whole group!!!
It was one of the most fun things I've ever done and I'm so glad I got to do it with some of my best friends and sister!!  After we were done, we were really hoping we could check into our hotel early so we could get out of the rain and get a shower.  Niki and I went in to the hotel, we batted our eyes and talked about how cold and wet we were and just wanted a shower....they got us into our hotel before 11am...check in wasn't until 3!  We were so thankful!!!  We all showered and then got ready for the Cardinals game.
Niki, Me & Charleen before the game 
Lindsay & I 
Niki & I
She got us such great tickets for the game!!  Our seats were under an awning or we could sit inside.  It was all you could eat and all you can drink!!  It was amazing!! 
Stef & I 
Runge & I 
Stef, Me & Niki right before we left the game
We headed back to the hotel to change our clothes again so we could go out.  We went to the Big Bang, which is a dueling piano bar!!  It was so much fun!!!

We woke up around 9am and headed back home.  It was still kinda rainy and gloomy....perfect day for a nap that was much needed!!  I did laundry and cleaned my bathroom also then I went and had dinner with a guy I had gone on a date with a few days ago. 
It was one of the best weekends ever!!!!