Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Last night I met up with some girls from work who were out.  I was on call at the hospital and I knew I would be the only person  they had to call in but I had a good time anyway.  I had a hair cut earlier that day and Sonja curled my hair...I can pretty much curl it just as good as she can now!
iPhone pic but all well, look how straight my teeth are!!  This should be my last 2 weeks in Invisalign!!
I got up and went to Spin class, washed my car inside and out and then came home to clean some and then got ready for work.  It didn't seem very busy but I made a lot more money than what I thought I would. 
My sushi lunch on Friday!
After work, I came home and showered then got ready to meet some friends out for my friend Andrea's birthday!!  They had gone to dinner then went to a local bar.  I don't know why but I didn't take a picture with her....she took a picture of Lacee & I though! 
Looks like I have a lazy eye or something?!?  Too funny!
I worked at the restaurant from 7-3 then came home to changed clothes and go hang out with Niki.  It was such a gorgeous day!!  We hung out and I watched all of Ryker's new tricks...can't believe he's already crawling!  He was so cute!!  We ate tacos for supper then we went to Dairy Queen and I got a blizzard and she got a milkshake!  It was so bad for us but tasted so good...Monday it starts over though and I'm going to kick it in to high gear!  I was so tired, so I came home and read the new People magazine because my favorite Carrie was on the front!!  Love her!!
I slept in then ran to town to return a dress I didn't wear to the wedding last weekend did a little shopping too.  I took this picture when I was leaving my house...
I swear this bloomed over night!!
I'm supposed to be starting a 10 day juice cleanse tomorrow with Andrea & Lacee....wish me luck!!  I would love to lose a good 15-20 lbs so I'm thinking this would be a good start!!  I bought all kinds of fruits and vegetables so hopefully I can find some combinations that I like!!