Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up (a week late)

I got up and had a hair appointment early.  She made me blonder for summer and then curled it with a new fancy curling iron...I love it!!  I did a little shopping then came home and packed up so I could go see T and then be able to leave in the morning to go home. 
He always falls asleep when we try to watch a movie
I headed home for my nieces graduation party.  I stopped by Donut Bank, not that I needed to but they sounded so good!!  And they were totally worth every darn calorie!!
Nate & I 
Kelsey & I 
Maddie & I 
Lindsay & I 
Ty, Maddie & Lindsay 
Cute married couple photo shoot!
After we cleaned up from the party, Michelle and I and two of her friends went out to a place called RocoBar.  We sat on the patio and listened to music and ate some appetizers.  The guy singing was really good, wish we had more of that kind of thing around here. 
I slept in then got ready for my cousins graduation party.  
Kelsey & I
I left the graduation party around 5 to head home.  T had been on the boat all weekend with his sister and nephew and they were on his way back to his house.  I went over there and met his sister and nephew.  We played some basketball and I was horrible at it.  I never claimed to be a ball player, just a cheerleader on the sidelines!! 
Then it was Memorial Day and since T's boat was broken I spent the day hanging out with some friends and cooking out.  Much, much better than last years Memorial Day weekend!!