Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up {Sept 13-15}

I went to Niki's that afternoon and we started getting ready for the Little Black Dress party.
Niki & I 
Crissy & I 
Our whole group 
Several of us from work met up for a group pic!

Don't mind that huge arm in the picture....the wine says "Sassy B!+ch"
Niki says my head look so much bigger than hers because of how big my hair was!!
I finally took a picture of us wearing our Kate Spade BFF bangles!
It was over at 11, then I decided to drive to Indiana tonight instead of coming over in the morning.  I got there at about 1:15 and the park night shift guy wasn't too happy with me!!  HA!!  I was so glad I came over then and didn't wait until the morning.  We talked for a little bit then went on to bed.
We woke up around 7:30 and Grandma was heading out of the RV because she thought we were sleeping.  When she realized we were up she asked us if we wanted her to make some coffee.  Of course, we said yes!!  We all sat in the RV together drinking coffee and talking.  After about 3 pots of coffee, we were finally ready to make some breakfast.  We ate then took a walk around the campground.  Lindsay and I decided to run a little bit down to the lake and back. 
Lindsay, Aunt Carol, Michelle & Hannah or as I so affectionately named her, Hanni! 
Grandma & Aunt Mary playing bags, she always put her hand on her hip! 
Grandma holding up her gift she got from the White Elephant exchange 
Lindsay on her ab machine she got in the gift exchange!! 
The 1st annual Koester Girls Camping weekend!! 
I put my hair extensions in Aunt Mary's short hair and we were all dying laughing!!
We got up and spent the morning in Aunt Lori's camper drinking coffee and talking.  We hung out for a little bit and ate some lunch then it was time to pack up and all head home.