Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

I got up early!!  It was so nice not having to sleep all day the next day after working!!  Day shift is fabulous!!  I got ready, paid bills, had my car washed, grocery shopped and did some window shopping.  I really need to start my Christmas shopping!! 

Me and some girls from work were running our first zombie run today. We were so excited!!  This is us before....pre-mud!
Me, Trisha, Sarah and Laura 
(I'm on my iPad and these pictures are out of order a little bit but all well)

After the race, we changed our clothes so we could hang out around the fire and eat some yummy food!  Somebody just got two new puppies and this was Jack!!  They were so cute and kept climbing on our laps!!  I didn't get a picture of his sister Dixie!

After.....Laura got left behind at some point and ended up pulling a muscle and caught a ride with the zombies!!

See.....very, very muddy!!  We didn't get to run but maybe half of it because it was a trail run. The course is normally for ATV's and such so it was rough. Lots of holes and super rocky!  We can't wait to do more of them though!!
I was up early again and started getting my things ready for the week. Laundry, dishes and a little cleaning then I sat down to catch up on my shows!!  Last week, my friend Sarah had pinned a Michael Kors purse website on Pinterest and I saw it. I ordered a purse and a wallet for cheap and got it in the Mail Saturday, or maybe it was Friday. I don't really remember!!  I wasn't very happy when I opened it up and saw it but all well, what did I expect for the price I paid!!

The wallet was way to small so I won't be using it but I think I'll carry it for a while!!