Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a little cold when I got up and got ready to meet Niki out.  I still dressed for Spring, just put a sweater over it!!  Haha!!  I had gone to combat Thursday night and I was so sore.  I love that class!  We ran all our errands then I headed down to get my nails done.  I went back to her house and we touched up some paint around the house while her husband pressure washed the deck so it could be stained.  Later that night, we watched "We're the Millers".  It was really funny! 
I was awake pretty early, so I got up and got ready to head home for Kelsey's prom.  I took this selfie before I headed out.
My niece Kelsey before Junior Prom 
Kelsey & Chase

Loved her flowers!!
The paparazzi!!
We sent them off to Prom and then Lindsay and I went to the mall.  She was looking for some work pants and I was looking for a maxi dress to wear to a garden party next weekend.  She got her pants but I didn't like anything I tried on.  She went on home and then I went to hang out with Michelle for a little bit before I met some friends out.  We had a good time listening to music and people watching and of course, doing the wobble!!
I was awake pretty early but was able to go back to sleep.  I got up  and talked to Mom for a little bit.  She made us some breakfast then I got my stuff together and headed home.  I tried to lay out for a little bit while I had my laundry going but it was hot and the bugs were out with a vengeance!!  I came in and got some stuff ready for work tomorrow, took a little nap and finished laundry.  It was a good weekend!!