Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

I spent the day getting ready for the weekend, running errands, doing some shopping then coming home to get ready for a date.  After my date, I had planned on driving to my sisters to stay for the weekend.  I got there around 10 and we stayed up and talked till about 11:30 then finally headed to bed. 
We got up and talked a little bit then went for a walk downtown.  We walked down by the river and then stopped by a little coffee shop and got these yummy treats....
We came back to her house then got ready to go to the ball field to see my BFF's middle boy play in a ball tournament.  It was going to be a hot day!!
Little monkey!
We watched him play ball then went back to her house to shower and change so we could all go out to get something to eat.  We ate at a local mexican restaurant and they had some of the best guacamole I have ever eaten!  After we got done eating, we went back downtown to the new park that is down by the river.  That park is amazing!!  The boys had so much fun!!
(stole this from Lindsay's IG)

We then walked to Coldstone Creamery (or creamstone coldery as my BIL called it) and sat there and ate some ice cream then we all went home to get ready for some more ball games tomorrow.  My sister and BIL had some friends that had just recently moved and were having a bonfire and some people over so we went there.  We all had a good time talking, having some drinks and playing some games.  I crashed when we got back to the house. 
We got up and once again got ready to go watch some ball games.  Michelle and Maddie met us there and his team "short gamed" the other team so we were only there a short time before that game was over and they didn't play again for another couple of hours.  We went to get something to eat then met them all back down at the park so the boys could play for a little bit.  We don't have anything like this kind of park where these boys are from so they were all pretty excited to play here. 
Taking a little time for a team photo
So cute!! 
#23 is my fave!!
They played 4 games that day including the championship game.  They were 2nd out of 16 teams and came home with this huge trophy!!  They played really well!!
Love this little boy!!
We left the ballpark a little after 8 and I was on my way home by 8:30.  It was quite a long drive home but I made it before 11 and went straight to bed!!  I had to work the next day.
They called me for standby and I took it, I was so tired.  They only had 2 of us stay home but I never got called least my house is clean and all my laundry is done!!
Happy Memorial Day!!!