Thursday, June 19, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

I had to work all day then went to Niki's parents house for their oldest sons 13th birthday party.  It was a cool night so we sat around the fire for a little bit and then I headed home because I was so tired.
I got up and finished packing, went to Body Pump then headed to Evansville.  I ran some errands once I got into town.  I got to the house and this pretty little kitty was happy to introduce herself!!
Meet KiKi!!
Michelle and Madison came over.  Michelle & I went to lay out for a little bit by the lake while Maddie went for a little drive.  I can't believe she is old enough to even do that!!  Katie got there and joined us for a little bit.  We all came in and got cleaned up so we could celebrate Katie's birthday and Father's day with Gerry.
Homemade strawberry cake!  YUM!!
We got him a bluetooth speaker!
After that, we were all hanging out downstairs and I said we should start watching some old home movies.  He got it all hooked up for us and we watched them for hours!!  We laughed and laughed and I wanted to cry at some of the videos of the girls when they were so little!  Their little voices were so darn sweet!! 
Gerry & I
Dad & I
I went to do a little shopping before we all went to Dad's to visit with him. I didn't buy much, which was good!  I really want to do one of those challenges where I go the whole month without spending any unecessary money!  Maybe next month!
I would have loved to be on this boat that day!! 
We got to Dad's.  We all sat outside under the tree in the front yard, ate a little lunch and just talked.  He opened his gifts and cards and then we went to walk around the farm.  The girls took this for a little drive around then Maddie drove the jeep for a little bit.  I headed home around 5 so I could get home at a decent hour since I had to work the next day.