Sunday, July 20, 2014

Last Weekend's Wrap-Up

I had a day at home to clean and do laundry then I packed up my car and headed to O'town for my sisters. My BFF and her family were also going there for a ball tournament.  I got to Lindsay's house just as she was getting home as well.  We ate dinner at Chick-Fil-A that night and it was dress like a cow day and get a free chicken was hilarious!  We didn't dress up as cows but most of the people did and it was really cute!  We came back to her house and watched a movie then went to bed.
We got up and headed to the ball park for the first of many games that weekend.  Mom, Michelle and Maddie came over and Danielle & Jeremiah came a little later. 
This little cutie was ready for some ball!

Dawson is the catcher 
Ready to bat 
We watched the two ball games that he played that day then we went to get something to eat at a local BBQ place.  Mom brought cupcakes to celebrate since Niki's birthday was tomorrow.  Mom, Michelle and Maddie left after lunch.  Danielle & Jeremiah came back to Lindsay's with us and hung out for a while.  Lindsay & I met Niki and them out for dinner and then we all headed back home so we could get some sleep before another full day of ballgames.
Happy Birthday BFF!!!! 

This is an old picture from last year at the Cardinals game after the Color Run
Koko with her favorite baseball player! 

Ready to run home!!
He was eating spaghetti at Olive Garden and dropped so much on his white uniform that they made him a napkin bib!!
After lunch, we went back to the ball field and watched a few more games before his team actually played again.  They played their little hearts out but lost to a team that beat them the last time they were here for a tournament.  This team was awesome!!  We all went our separate ways.  I headed back to IL to get stuff from my house to go house sit for the week.