Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy 4th of July!!!
I got up and headed to Evansville for a fun party and gender reveal!!  I was exhausted from working an extra shift this week and lots of heartbreak.  I was ready to relax and hang out with friends and family. 
Daddy to be with the surprise gender reveal products!! 
This was the first thing we saw and everybody was freaking out thinking it was twins!!  But it wasn't twins.... 
It's a BOY!!!
Parker George
Proud Mom & Dad to be!! 
Steph, Me, Danielle, Becca & Lindsay
We are all huge IU fans and my parents got them the cutest bear and IU onesies!!
Aunt LaLa & Aunt Jenny
We all ate and hung around for a while longer.  I stayed there and watched fireworks with them.  Their neighborhood had some of the best fireworks!!  It was amazing!!  

One last blue lantern!
Jenny cooked breakfast for all of us so I went over there that morning and then we went to a street bizarre and rode around in the jeep.  We went back to Danielle's to get in the pool and I forgot to put sunscreen on my stomach and I'm still feeling the pain.  We had a game night and hung out till we were all old and tired and had to go home so we could go to bed!
I just needed to recharge today.  It's been 2 really tough weeks at work with two devastating car accidents that affected our whole department.  I just cleaned, did laundry, did dishes, mowed the lawn and watched some netflix.  I think I can start a new week now that is going to be just as busy but not as heart wrenching.