Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up (on Wednesday)

I worked all day, a very busy day. 

Woke up to my phone ringing at 5:10 a.m.!!  I overslept, I was supposed to be at the restaurant to open at 5a.m.!!  I had set my alarm for p.m. instead of a.m.  I got up and made it there by 5:33 with clean hair, fresh makeup and brushed teeth!!  SUCCESS!!  It was an ok morning.  After that I headed to get my nails done (I'm loving this new shellac) and then back to Marion to pack and then meet Laryssa to head out of town.  We had so much fun driving up there and talking the whole way.  Once we got there the girls were already out at a place in town that you have to get to early so you can get a table.  The place is called Fast Eddies and boy were we surprised when we got there!  The place was huge and completely packed and it was only 5:30 when we got there.  We took a couple of pictures...
Andrea, Brittany & Laryssa 
We told some guy that it was Laryssa's 21st Birthday and he gave us $20 to buy her a beer! 
This guy came up to Brittany and asked if she was single, of course she is not but he asked if she would take a shot with one of his buddies.  She did and they were gone for several rounds of shots and then finally came back to our table with more shots.   
Then the guy wanted to use my fancy shmancy camera and this is the picture we got! 

After about 4 hours of sleep we all got up and started getting ready for the shower.  Andrea is getting married in June and this was her first bridal shower.  She had a great time and got lots of nice things!!
Andi & her Maid of Honor Lacee 
The fruit tower, how amazing is that?? 
Kim, Laryssa, Andi, Brittany & Lacee 
Brittany, Me & Laryssa 
Andi & I 
Andi with her bridesmaids 
Our WINNING toilet paper bride! 

Andi's mom Tracy, Megan her SIL, Andi and Michelle her MIL

They had balloons on the tables and we cut the weights off of them so Andi could let them go