Monday, April 4, 2011

Lindsay's Bachelorette Party

 So instead of doing a whole weekend wrap-up I'm just going to do a post on Lindsay's bachelorette party because that is what my weekend consisted of!!  We all had a BLAST!!  She had girls coming from 4 states so we all just planned to meet in Nashville at the hotel at 3 when we could check in.  I met Lacy in Paducah, we loaded up her car with all our stuff and hit the road.  We talked and talked and talked then we finally listened to some music and sang along then talked some more.  GPS took us on the scenic route we're pretty sure but we still got there before the other girls even after we tried to find a Chick fil a but had no such luck.  We got all checked in and the party began!!  I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story for the night! (and there are a LOT of them!)
All of the girls that met in Evansville came down in this van!

Random guys would just come up and want to hug her or get their picture taken with her!

Mom was trying to take a picture with her phone to send to Gerry and this guy jumped in!  So funny!

This guy was having his Bachelor party and had a group of guys with him at Hard Rock eating....we never did see them again

Half of our group at this table 
Some of us at the other table 
Again at the other table 
And Lacy 

The Whole Group!! 
We came back to the hotel after we ate dinner and had some drinks and did a little lingerie shower for Lindsay.  She got so many cute things!!  We hung out at the hotel for a little longer then headed back downtown to go out and do some dancing!! 

Dancing on the bar at Coyote Ugly 

And our last group picture of the night.  Half of the group was exhausted and the other half of the group was still dancing.  Great night!!  We finally made it back to the hotel after 3am!!  We all settled in and called it a night.  The next morning our room started waking up around 8 so we all got up and headed downstairs to the lobby for breakfast.  After that we all got showered and packed up and headed out around noon.

 So we were all going on about 4 hours of sleep so when Lacy and I got back to her house we layed around and watched some Jersey Shore and maybe took a little nap too.  Her husband and little girl Madelyn got home a few hours later and she was ready to play!!  We played and played and played and she didn't even make me get off the couch!  She just kept bringing me toys including barbies.  That girl loves her barbies!  We went and got some dinner then I finally had to head home.  I was so tired on the way home but I just stayed on the phone the whole time so that helped!!  Only 33 days till the wedding!!  So exciting!!