Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I worked and boy was it busy!!  I just love my job so much so even the busy days are great!!  I drove home to Evansville after work so I could be home a little longer than just some of Saturday and some of Sunday.  I talked on the phone the whole way home so the 2 hours went pretty quick! 

Woke up to rain, rain and more rain.  It quit shortly after though and I headed out with Mom to do some errands with her.  It was very sunny and very warm by that time!  We came back home and sat out on the back patio for a while and soaked up some sun.  Kelsey was coming over later while her mom went to work so we made plans to do some shopping and get dinner.  We headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond first to get a bridal shower gift for my cousin Jennifer's bridal shower tomorrow, then hit Gordmans, TJMaxx and Target.  We didn't find any great deals but I did find a very cute shirt.  We kept looking at dresses for Kelsey's graduation but nothing was in her tiny size.  She was cracking me up looking at all of them!!  I kept asking her where she wanted to eat and she never would decide so I decided for her and picked Chick-Fil-A!!  Of course I did!!!  YUM!!!  It was so good!!!!  Then we went by Lic's  to get ice cream and then headed home and watched Teen Mom for the rest of the evening.  So much fun getting to hang out with her!!  Loved it!!

Spent the morning at home watching TV and looking through the paper.  Then it was off to my cousin Jennifer's bridal shower.  She's getting married 3 weeks after my sister Lindsay!!  It was beautiful and I'm so excited about her big day!!

After the shower we went back home and hung out for a while then I headed back to IL.  I, once again, spent almost the entire trip on the phone so it went by quick.  (Thank you friends who let me talk to you the whole way so I don't get bored!)